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Blood Sugar Analysis

National Diabetes Month: Type 2 Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

November is American Diabetes Month, meaning it is the perfect time to take a closer look at this disease that impacts millions of Americans each year. While there are many contributing factors that come into play for developing type 2 diabetes, including age and genetics, some are…

8 Key Benefits to Adding Strength Training to Your Routine

Once upon a time, cardio was all the rage, and it was regarded as though it was the only element to working out that mattered. The belief was also that strength training was exclusively for bodybuilders or people who wanted to look more bulky. Thankfully, this misconception has been debunked, and now…

Three types of protein-packed beans in a serving bowl

The Top 7 Reasons You Should Add More Protein to Your Diet

Are you getting enough protein in your diet? While many foods we eat every day are high in protein, such as eggs, nuts and chicken breast, you still might not be getting the right amount. While this might not seem like a major deal at first, think again.

A personal trainer works with a client on a treadmill

8 Fitness Benefits You Can Only Get From a Personal Trainer

When you think of utilizing personal training in Kansas City, what do you think of? Do you imagine an extremely buff guy in a tank top yelling at you to push harder and do better? Or do you see yourself being pressured to do workouts that you are not totally comfortable with?