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YOGA Studio



Physical strength, flexibility, mental health and more; the centuries-old practice comes to life in new ways at Woodside. Flow through sequences with intention, braiding postures together that will open, stretch and restore your body from the inside out. Feel grounded, challenge yourself, find renewal and experience transformation alongside a community of passionate yogis.

Woodside is proud to offer over 30 yoga classes a week, spanning multiple categories and levels, to accommodate all experience levels and style and schedule preferences. Three levels designate classes designed for beginner to advanced practices.

Step into an authentic yoga experience with Woodside’s highly accredited Yoga teachers. Our teachers are required to reach 300 hours (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and a minimum of two years of teaching experience is required for all Yoga classes, ensuring you receive the best instruction and experience possible.

Basic, foundational yoga poses are taught in a safe, encouraging environment. Class emphasis is on alignment, breathing, strength and full range of motion through standing postures, twists, forward folds and hip openers. Perfect for those with limited flexibility or new to yoga.
Embody a practice that is about opening your body through long, passive stretching to harmonize the body’s vital life force, or chi. Restorative poses include gentle twists, seated forward folds and more, using props such as blocks, blankets and bolsters.
Yin Yoga targets connective tissues to stretch and lengthen through a slower, more meditative practice, allowing one to focus not only on the physical but the mind as well.
The word “Hatha” is both a term for all physical practices of yoga and the yoga of opposing energies, Surya (sun) and Chandra (moon). Experience a class focusing on flowing from pose to pose, linking movement with breath while incorporating sitting, standing and inverted postures for everyone, with elevated options.
Originating in Egypt, Kemetic Yoga focuses on strengthening the spiritual and internal vibrations. This slower practice is made up of physical poses inspired by ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses allowing for a focus on the chakras and one’s divine.
Vinyasa (translates to “flowing with breath”) is a dynamic style of Hatha Yoga with joint postures, or asanas and your body’s breath creating a steady internal rhythm. Vinyasa yoga cultivates heat in the body with sequences involving sun salutations, standing and seated postures.
A classical sequence of breath-linked poses with postures for a warming yoga practice. Maximize range of motion, joint mobility, flexibility and endurance. This style of yoga is great for everyone, including athletes. L3 Power Vinyasa classes can include inversions and arm balancing.
A dynamic flow class that connects movement with breath, consisting of six series, with each series always performed in the same sequence. Students experience each pose and transition at their own pace.