Improve balance, coordination and strength – move, feel and look better.


Smooth movement working against resistance is the essence of Joseph Pilates’ foundational practice, which was designed to target and strengthen abs, lower back, hips and glutes. Enjoy individualized instruction offered by our Stott-certified personal trainers in Pilates Reformer small group classes or one-on-sessions, where pulleys and springs create resistance, resulting in long, lean muscles.


Woodside Reformer sessions are led by Stott-certified personal trainers, who are highly trained in Mat and Pilates reformer, and have a deep understanding of your body's biomechanics, giving members the most comprehensive programming for building strength, agility and flexibility.

Pilates Reformer

Woodside Pilates Studio

  • Fluid movements using resistance from pulleys and springs, and using the reformer cart and bars create a dynamic workout

  • Available as 1:1 or group sessions with a Stott-certified instructor

  • Reformer sessions are great for:

  • Athletically inclined / Performance-focused workouts

  • Overall conditioning

  • Rehabilitation

Woodside Pilates Studio


Reformer sessions are led by Woodside personal trainers who are also Stott-certified Pilates instructors and are offered via one-on-one or group sessions for beginners or experienced students.

Reformer Group Sessions

Practice alongside others in a small group setting. Receive personalized instruction and gain a solid foundation of correct technique and essential reformer exercises, and establish core strength and stability. Sessions span Level 1 or Level 2 for beginners to advanced students. Check the class schedule for group times, register for sessions on My Woodside or contact us with questions.