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Functional Training



We’re taking functional exercise to new heights. There are no limitations to how creative you can be
with your workout in the large open spaces of The Yard + The Playground.


The Yard is perfect for workouts that benefit from an open space, like sprints, plyometrics and agility drills. Plus, make use of our crash wall to implement medicine ball or wall ball exercises.


Let’s revisit some of the basic skills we used as kids on the playground. Reengage yourself with functional strength that helps make a body sound and free from pain. It’s time to return to the days when we trained our bodies to be healthy and strong simply by utilizing our own body as resistance and using basic tools like dead weights and freeform moving objects to promote stability and free range of movement.

Members can also use the structure in a variety of ways to help increase strength, balance, mobility, agility and muscular endurance.


We custom-designed this structure to include opportunities for a solo or group workout. Implements include boxing bags, gym ladders, lat bar twins, plyo boards, barbell levers, ball trampolines, training ladders, suspension bands and gym ropes.


Here you’ll find an additional (and our largest) OUTRACE structure, plyo boxes, medicine balls, agility ladders, sleds and a crash wall. You can also utilize our selection of self-propelled cardio equipment, like the Technogym Skillmill, Airdyne Bike, Concept2 SkiErg, VersaClimber and four Technogym Skillrows.