Fuel Your Mind. We know a balanced nutrition plan leads to a more balanced life, and that philosophy drives everything we do in the Woodside Kitchen and Bar.


You get out what you put in. That’s why we source the best, purest ingredients possible. Woodside Food + Drink goes beyond fitness by offering a seasonal menus grounded in health and wellness, craft cocktails and local brews, fresh made-in-house mocktails and nutritional supplements to aid in any wellness plan.


There is only one Earthbar™ in the Midwest, and it’s right here at Woodside. This west-coast based health supply company serves up post-workout recovery nutrition, smoothies and juices (made in-house), natural supplements, shots and tinctures, and more allowing you feel your best.

We’ve also added a healthy balance of delicious meal and snack options in our Grab ‘N Go cooler, and a selection of buzz-worthy gift and novelty items from local and nationally-known brands on our merchandise table.


Seasonal menus and locally-sourced ingredients keep things fresh, while our Executive Chef utilizes Six Standards of Quality with humanely-raised, wild-caught and grass-fed proteins and organic produce in our exclusive menu items. We take pride in providing the best, purest ingredients possible.


The Bar at Woodside offers a relaxing atmosphere to sip, savor and socialize. Whether you need to replenish after a workout with a house-made mocktail, or celebrate after a match with a hand-crafted signature cocktail or local brew – The Bar at Woodside offers an atmosphere to relax and unwind for lunch, happy hour or a post-workout social. Our unique beverage menu is available year-round at the indoor bar while our Adult Pool Bar features summer specials from May to October.


Enjoy KC’s best private venue with a carefully crafted menu of fresh food and drinks, plus events and services that allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer in style.


You get out what you put in. Woodside Kitchen recipes adhere to our 6 Standards of Quality because we care about providing the best, purest ingredients possible for your body and mind. 

  1. POULTRY – pasture-raised without antibiotics or hormones
  2. FISH – wild-caught or responsibly farmed, ensuring sustainability of the aquaculture
  3. BEEF – 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised, no antibiotics or hormones
  4. PORK – pasture-raised, no hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, Certified Humane
  5. EGGS & DAIRY – pasture-raised, USDA organic, eggs are Certified Humane
  6. PRODUCE – USDA organic or naturally grown fruits and vegetables

Our producers and growers are local to Missouri and surrounding areas. We source products via privately owned and cooperative associations that bring farms and buyers together in a community that benefits businesses and consumers with fresh, locally sourced meat, dairy and produce that adhere to a high level of quality and conditions.


Rain Crow Ranch in Doniphan, MO

Circle B Ranch in Seymour, MO

Buttonwood Farm in California, MO 


Cultivate KC 

Farm Fresh HQ