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We know there are many reasons members may prefer to work out in private. Whether you want to maintain your focus, build confidence or you simply prefer an app-based guided workout, our Virtual Fitness Suites were created for you.

Each of our eight Virtual Fitness Suites is designed to feel as comfortable as an at-home workout space but with added benefits. Each Suite is equipped with a 65″ screen you can use to cast your favorite app-based workout from your mobile device. One wall of each Suite features a full-length mirror you can use to check your form. We’ve also provided a shelf where you can place your belongings during your workout, which features a qi charger to wirelessly charge compatible mobile devices.

All the equipment you’ll need for most app-based workouts can be found in the dedicated storage shelving at the south end of the hallway, including:

Please be sure to wipe down and put away all equipment after use in its designated storage space.

The Virtual Fitness Suites are available on a first come-first served basis. If the door to a Suite is open, members are welcome to use it. Please remember to lock the door to your Suite. Screen casting instructions are posted in each Suite. Connect to the Virtual Fitness Wifi using password beyondfitness to cast from your device.

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