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5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Group Fitness Classes at Woodside

A group fitness class doing push ups


Sometimes our day to day fitness routine can begin to feel stale, like we’re on some sort of endless loop with cardio, arms, legs and core. It might even feel difficult to get creative with your workouts just because you are so burnt out. If this is you and you are stepping onto the floor each time you visit the gym and not feeling as motivated or excited about working out as you once did, it might be time to make a change.

This dilemma leaves behind one question: what can be done? We have a solution, and that’s taking a look at group fitness in Kansas City.

There are some benefits to the group fitness environment that you might not be aware of, especially if you’ve never taken a class before. Check out these five key reasons why you should join in.



While using a personal trainer is great, it might not work for everyone’s budget or schedule. The good news is that group fitness is sort of like having a personal trainer but rather than teaching just you, they’re helping a group of others at the same time. Here at Woodside, all our courses are led by some of Kansas City’s best instructors who love what they do and want to be a resource for everyone who walks through their classroom doors. Their job is to not only make the class exciting, but to push you to become your best by teaching techniques and forms crucial for those exercises. They also want to provide support by being an accountability partner. 

If you are new to the group and have questions during class, don’t be afraid to ask! Instructors are there to help you. Feel free to approach instructors before or after the training session if asking during class isn’t feasible. But always watch and listen, as a lot of learning can be done just through observation.



We have all been there – that point in the morning where the alarm clock goes off and we debate hitting snooze and rolling back over. Or if we workout after work, just skipping the gym and beelining straight home. This happens to the best of us, and if we work out solo, we don’t have anyone there to hold us accountable in these moments. However, taking part in group fitness in Kansas City can help change that.

When you become a regular part of a recurring class each week, you are sure to make friends with others around you. It won’t be long before you recognize faces, learn names and feel a sense of belonging. Knowing that people who care about you are waiting on you is sure to motivate you to show up and do your best. Plus, it’s always nice to look forward to seeing some friendly faces, especially early in the morning or after a rough day at the office.



Many of those who enjoy working out as adults were likely part of a sports team growing up or throughout school and participated in some level of competition. This sort of competitive nature carrying over into adulthood can help drive performance in the group fitness environment. Whether you are going through a tough HIIT circuit, trying to reach the next goal at your cycle class or pushing to achieve a PR on your deadlift, nothing is quite as motivating as trying to surpass the person next to you. If you look over and see a peer giving it their all, you are likely going to want to do the same.

And the best part? When you reach these milestones, you are going to have people around you that will want to celebrate with you. Not just your instructor, but your peers and friends in class as well. This will motivate you to keep pushing yourself and setting the bar higher.

A young woman participates in group fitness in Kansas City



If you are one of those people who hate the idea of designing your own workout routine or loathe the task of scanning for one on Pinterest, opting for group fitness classes can be a great solution! Walking into the gym and having to decide what to do each day can sometimes be even more draining than the actual workout, but with these structured classes all you have to do is show up on time and be prepared to try your best. 

As an added bonus, if there is something you are wanting to learn that you may have never tried before, such as yoga or Pilates, these structured settings are a great way to give it a go in an environment that is both safe and welcoming. 



One of the main reasons so many people enjoy participating in group fitness classes in Kansas City is because they’re just plain fun! They are often high energy and come with an upbeat, positive atmosphere. This is especially true if you are part of a cycle or aerobics class, as these typically feature fast-paced, fun music that is meant to get the blood pumping and the body moving. 

Again, the sense of community that you build along the way will contribute to this as well! You are sure to share some smiles and laughter while you sweat together with your friends. 



So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to level up your fitness game, then it’s time to check out our gym here at Woodside. On our training calendar, we feature a robust and diverse array of group fitness classes you can choose from, ranging from yoga to boot camp to Pilates and beyond! In fact, we are proud to offer over 100 classes each and every week. We even have an awesome selection available through our Signature Series

Don’t hesitate any longer! Learn more about how to join Woodside and start elevating your fitness today!

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