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Energy Therapy


Your Energy

Here at Woodside we believe in the health and wellness of the whole person; Energy Therapy prioritizes the spiritual vibrations of the client – replenishing, cleansing and balancing the internal world.


This energy cleansing Signature treatment includes a grounding full body massage with guided deep breathing. Accompanied by sound therapy with a crystal sound bath, a detoxifying clay mask applied to the back, and eucalyptus warmed compressions on the hands and feet. Additionally, enjoy a soothing scalp massage to clear the mind and body.

90 MIN | $225

Japanese stress-reduction therapy that guides universal energy, or qi, with ritual hand movements and light touch on and over the client’s body in a meditative atmosphere. High vibrational energy and intention flows through the practitioner to support healthy chi, restore the energetic body and relax body, mind and spirit. This loving service helps you feel lighter, with more well-being and a stronger aura.

60 MIN | $165

Craniosacral Therapy involves subtle, light touch – a series of holds that release the body of deep held stress. This type of energy therapy also optimizes the circulation through the craniosacral system which improves the function of all body systems. On a cellular level, our bodies remember past injuries and traumas to the body which can result in tension, pain, etc. CST helps to release these traumas that our bodies are still holding onto, via this very gentle yet profound technique.

60 MIN | $130
90 MIN | $180

All listed pricing is valid for Woodside members only. Guests incur an additional $10 charge per service.