Thomson graduated from Heritage College in 2003 with an AOS in Massage Therapy. With more than 10 years of experience, Thomson has gained knowledge in a variety of techniques while his relaxed and professional manner effortlessly put his clients at ease, providing a tranquil atmosphere for his clients.

Philosophy: The body is psychologically programmed to be nurtured when it comes in contact with the world. My philosophy is to reconnect with that.

Mind/Body Balance: I feel that taking care of the body coincides with restoring the mind, therefore I partake in yoga, marital arts, extracurricular sports, weekly exercises and healthy eating. When focusing on the mind itself, I spend my time reading anything that educates me on the human body; including oriental medicine, acupuncture, martial arts, anatomy, psychology and nutrition. I also enjoy daily meditation and prayer to exercise the soul.

Favorite Treatment: The treatment that truly captures my passion the most is Prenatal. I was raised by a single mother and was surrounded by such strong women, which instilled into me the value of a woman especially through pregnancy. Mothers are overworked and under stress through the way the body changes through their pregnancy. I feel it is my duty yet privilege to care for a mother knowing that their focus and priority is not for themselves.



Trina is dual licensed in Esthetics and Massage Therapy. She attended Entourage Institute of Beauty and Esthetics and Wellspring School of Allied Health for massage therapy. With more than ten years of experience in the field, she has developed her signature style of healing and relaxing treatments. Trina’s touch is described as nurturing, intuitive and empowering. Trina chose to go back to school for massage therapy to combine her deep knowledge for skin care with the healing and relaxing benefits of massage therapy to provide her clients with a more holistic experience. She hopes that each person she sees can not only achieve the results they are seeking for their skin but also leave feeling a deeper level of relaxation with every service.

Philosophy: My philosophy in all of my work is to allow the art of healing work its course. To truly heal one must find balance between the body, mind and spirit. Proper skin maintenance, coupled with detoxing, massage and exercise is vital to achieving optimal health and wellness. I hope that with my intuitive massages and facials all of my clients can find their inner happiness and that I can support them on their healing journey. I aim to give 110% at all times and to make my clients feel special, well taken care of and excited to come back.

Mind/Body Balance: The only way to truly live is to be in the present moment. I find my mind body balance by regularly meditating and using crystal singing bowls for sound healing to expand and create harmony from within. I also love to unwind with bubble baths and find solace in cooking. Spending time with my daughter is also a critical component to keeping my mind body balance.

Favorite Treatment: My favorite treatments are chemical peels/facials and Swedish massage. I love incorporating a variety of modalities in my facials and massage like crystal singing bowls, healing crystals, jade rollers, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy to elevate the client experience. Aside from facial treatments, I also specialize in massage therapy, body treatments, full body waxing and brow shaping.



Daniel completed his training in 2012 at Pinnacle Career Institute. He specializes in deep tissue, deep pressure, Swedish massage, sport massage, reflexology and cranial sacral massage. Daniel’s mission is to promote self-healing for mind and body and to give a healthy alternative to pain medication through massage.

Philosophy: Massage to me is about treating the smallest problem/pain quicker, before people reach for the pills. Having the knowledge to help people in need of healing and relaxation is great!

Mind/Body Balance: In my spare time I like to work out, run, walk, learn something new, bend some rules and spend time with my kids. To keep my head clear I also get massages and boxing, I really like to push my body and get my blood flowing to work the toxins out.

Favorite Treatment: Deep tissue, Swedish massage, sport massage, cranial sacral, reflexology and stretching. I really like doing it all at once during the massage.



Morgan trained at the Healing Arts Institute of Colorado in 2015 and has since earned an Associates Degree of Science. She takes a multifaceted approach of compassionate touch, intuitive health and evidence-based alternative medicine to achieve balance.

Philosophy: Everything is connected. Trusting our innate intuition naturally balances the body and mind.

Mind/Body Balance: My whole life’s outlook is about body/mind balance! I enjoy Yin Yoga and the spa pools to relax. I also enjoy swimming to get my blood flowing..

Favorite Treatment: I love to use myofascial release style work in my massages. The long holds and compression allows the body to reconnect, resulting in relaxed muscles and more body awareness

Sydnie Kistler


Sydnie attended Pinnacle Career Institute in South Kansas City and has been practicing for over a year now. She started at a franchise but has enjoyed her time at Woodside as it has given her the time and space to get to know her clients. Sydnie specializes in a multiple of types of massage but additionally is certified in cupping therapy and can assist in lymphatic draining.

Philosophy: I believe that people can truly benefit from massage therapy. Being able to understand and get to know my clients and their needs is extremely important to me. That way I can find the best way in which to cater to what their body’s and minds need on an individual basis.

Mind/Body Balance: Seeing results from the work we do as massage therapists is so rewarding because not only does is help aid the body, but with that comes healing of the mind. You know that unexplainable feeling of zen you have when leaving the massage room? That isn’t just because of your relaxed body — it is also due to the release of endorphins in your mind and the recycling of uplifting energy in your spirit. It’s a beautiful thing and I feel so blessed to be able to partake in helping people shed that metaphorical heavy weight they’ve been lugging around.

Favorite Treatment: My absolute favorite technique is the cupping therapy. This technique is specifically beneficial to promoting healthy blood flow, loosening muscles without the pressure that comes with deep tissue massage, it sedates the nervous system and so much more! If you’re not sure about it or have any questions about the therapy I would love to talk about it or even do a small demo to test and see if you like it!


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