Revitalize your body and spirit with a professional massage from The Spa at Woodside. Caring, professional therapists customize your massage experience based on your needs. Leave with a re-energized body and refreshed spirit.


Slow, breath-coordinated massage is used to reach deep muscles and connective tissues to improve posture and relieve tension. Recommended for those who regularly receive massage and enjoy intense bodywork.

30 MIN | $80
60 MIN | $120
90 MIN | | $150
2 HR | $190

The classic relaxation massage. Light-medium pressure and long, gliding strokes are used to relieve stress and adapted to fit your specific needs.

60 MIN | $100
90 MIN | $130
2 HR | $180

Hot stones use thermotherapy to melt tension out of constricted muscles. The stones are applied in key placements along your body and the direct heat decreases inflammation and enhances the massage experience.

60 MIN | $130
90 MIN | $160
2 HRS | $200

Experience this invigorating and detoxifying massage, which utilizes advanced massage and cupping techniques to stimulate circulation and soften muscles while drawing out impurities and relieving tension. Perfect for the person looking for a therapeutic deep touch.

30 MIN | $80
60 MIN | $150
90 MIN | $180
2 HR | $210

Visceral manipulation enhances the normal mobility and tissue motion of the organs of the visceral system. The term "visceral" in this sense pertains to the soft internal organs in your body. Visceral manipulation involves gentle manual therapy of the viscera (organs) and surrounding tissues to restore normal mobility and improve function.

Visceral manipulation and physical therapy are often used together as a whole-body approach to healing the body from injury by addressing fascia restrictions around the nerves, blood vessels, and organs. This service alleviates compensatory movement patterns and restores a multitude of musculoskeletal abnormalities by releasing organ and fascia restrictions.

60 MIN | $160
90 MIN | $185

Optimize your Club experience with ACTIVATION and RECOVERY sports massage. Theragun™ Percussive Therapy is a specialized deep-muscle treatment, allowing for a more personalized experience. Recommended to enhance flexibility, help prevent injuries and support your fitness and wellness. Book these services around your workouts, group fitness, yoga or tennis.

45 MIN | $60

Mother’s prenatal massage eases physical discomfort and is part of a happy and healthy pregnancy. Using relaxing and safe techniques, massage therapists specially trained in therapeutic prenatal massage bring peace to expectant mothers beyond the first trimester and postpartum bodies.

60 MIN | $130
90 MIN | $160

This massage relieves headaches and reduces anxiety through stimulation of the nerves on your scalp. A quick tune-up perfect for the modern lifestyle.

30 MIN | $65

Customize your spa experience by adding any of the following additional treatments to your service.

Each selected enhancement will add 15 minutes to your service time.

Pressure points on the feet are targeted to re-balance and clear energy lines known as meridians, which go through the whole body and end in the feet.

A soft bristle brush is used to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, bring blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin and help detoxify the body. Clients are given their dry brush to take home for continued use after their session.

An invigorating peppermint sugar scrub is applied to the lower legs and feet, then aromatic warm towels are wrapped to relieve sore tired feet. Finished with a rich and tingly foot cream restoring softness to dry, callused feet.

CBD OIL - $35
Add therapeutic grade CBD and Yoga Balm® to any treatment to deeply relax muscles while enhancing the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for the body.

Melt away stress and tension while enriching your scalp with a stimulating massage of peppermint oil and a luxurious blend of coconut, marula and macadamia nut oils to nourish and protect your hair and scalp.