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Our spacious Stretching Mat allows for independent stretching to encourage increased flexibility, improve range of motion and reduce muscle tension.

Our Stretching area includes two Power Plates. Built on decades of research and development in the field of whole body vibration training, the Power Plate brings the latest, most effective vibration technology to your training. The Power Plate’s large plate surface allows for a wider range of exercises and also provides more vibration to more parts of your body when performing certain exercises. The Power Plate can be used to help increase bone density, improve muscle recovery, improve flexibility, burn more calories, improve circulation and activate more muscle fibers.

Our new Stretching area features new equipment from the Technogym Flexability line, including Posterior and Anterior machines. The Flexability range reduces muscular tension, provides for an initial assessment of flexibility, and continuously monitors improvement, thus helping users achieve lasting, active relaxation.

You will also find stretch tables in this space, used for stretching and analysis.

Prepare to push your limits in our performance-focused class: experience theater-quality sound with distance, power and time drills. Test your endurance, conquer your PR and see where THE ROAD takes you.

With high-quality sound, curated hit playlists and a theater-like screen featuring beat-driven motion graphics, transform your ride into an experience fueled by rhythm and movement. Let THE BEAT ignite you and fuel your success.