Benefits of Boxing Bootcamp

At Woodside, we know that not all forms of exercise are created equal, and we understand the importance of cross-training and the benefits that come with it.

When Summer Ends, Summer Training Begins

Build your beach body, just in time for summer.

With the change in seasons often comes a change in our fitness routines. Whether we realize it or not, it’s easy to lose track of our fitness goals and allow those few extra pounds to sneak up on us. Fall seems to set a tone

Pilates for Pain Relief, Recovery and Everyday Life

Woodside Personal Trainer and Certified Pilates Instructor, Lisa Cherepak, has over 12 years experience teaching Pilates on the mat and with equipment, working with a wide range of clients with physical limitations and fitness needs. She shares her story on how Pilates helped her transcend her own fitness routine, and where you can begin.


6 Workouts Based on Superhero Superpowers

With the help of Woodside Personal Trainers, we’ve developed 6 calisthenics workouts based on signature moves of some of the most famous superheroes! These simple workouts can be done anywhere at anytime, and helps focus on areas where these heroes are the strongest. You never know when your superpowers are needed… try em out, the

“Slaying the Dragon” | Lisa Hampton’s Story

“I’m Lisa Hampton, I’m 44 years old and I started weight training in my 20’s as a way to beat depression. I’ve always said that the good body is just a side effect of slaying what I called “my dragon”. I started lifting in college for my required physical ed class, but I kept lifting 

Best Body Weight Workout for Summer: No Equipment Necessary

Sometimes, getting to the gym can be half the battle when it comes to making sure you get in a good workout. We asked Woodside Personal Trainer, Taylor Deeds, to build out an easy-to-follow body weight workout that can be done anywhere… with gifs!

“I don’t have enough time.” “I don’t know how to use

6 Safety Tips for Summer Running

Safety should always be a priority when any type of fitness is involved. Woodside Ortho-Kinetics Trainer and Run Club Captain, Ryan Hulse, shares his tips for safe running this summer.

When it comes to running safety, there are many factors to consider, including weather, time of day, location, nutrition, current fitness level, injury prevention and

The Best Races in KC and How To Train for Them

As a long-time competitive runner, I love getting new runners more involved in the community and their own health, so I prepared this guide on the best races in Kansas City and how to train for them. After years of running, here’s my personal expertise, experience and some advice to runners of all body types