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Category: Training

8 Key Benefits to Adding Strength Training to Your Routine

Once upon a time, cardio was all the rage, and it was regarded as though it was the only element to working out that mattered. The belief was also that strength training was exclusively for bodybuilders or people who wanted to look more bulky. Thankfully, this misconception has been debunked, and now…

Do You Need a Personal Trainer? 5 Key Questions to Consider

Whether you are brand new to fitness or are a seasoned gym veteran, you can benefit from personal training in Kansas City. That is because personal trainers are certified to help you have a safe and fulfilling gym experience. They are also there to motivate you and teach you new training methods and…

A tennis ball on an outdoor court

6 Essential Tips for Improving Your Tennis Game

Do you love to play tennis but are struggling getting into the swing of things? It is no secret that tennis is a very technical sport that requires certain skills and techniques in order to have a competitive advantage. For those who are new to tennis, getting a hang of these can feel very overwhelming.

The 3L Model

Woodside’s Group Fitness schedule is carefully crafted each month to help you establish a weekly regimen for high performance training. This algorithm is structured using our Triple Lifestyle Model, or 3L Model, which uses three main focal points to help set our members up for success.

A group fitness class does cool down stretches together

6 Cool Down Exercises You Must Try After Your Next Group Fitness Class

If you are someone who regularly attends one of our workout classes in Kansas City, you know how intense they can be. For the duration of the entire class, you give it your all, pushing yourself to the limit. Then, once class is complete, you leave feeling winded and worn out but satisfied with your work.

Tips from a Trainer | Start Fresh with a Morning Routine

The way you start your morning can affect the entire day. By setting an intention and focusing on a morning routine that makes sense for you and your environment, you can slowly and peacefully ease into the day, giving your brain and body a gentle boost that will last for hours.

Find Your Fit | Yoga

If you’ve been considering getting into yoga, but you’re not sure where to start, this overview will help. When you find a style that seems like a good fit, we encourage you to book a class! Our Yoga Studio is a welcoming environment for both new and experienced yogis.

A spa towel and tea candles

The Top 5 Woodside Amenities to Check Out This Spring

Spring is in the air and at long last, warm weather is on its way. For many people, that means it is time to finally get out of the house and shake off the winter blues, and visiting our gym near the plaza in Kansas City can be an excellent way to kickstart the season!

Tips From a Trainer | 5 Exercises for People Who Work at a Desk

If you work in a position that requires hours of sitting each day, you know that all that office chair time can lead to poor posture, discomfort and poor circulation. Many of these short-term effects of immobility can be alleviated with a series of exercises meant to stretch out and strengthen muscles.