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Top 8 Incredible Benefits of Indoor Cycling Classes

Three people participating in one of the great indoor cycling classes in Kansas City available at Woodside

Cycling classes are challenging, fun and can lead to numerous health opportunities. If you are looking for the enhanced benefits of indoor cycling classes in Kansas City, you should check out the premiere health club Woodside and find out what we have to offer. 

Let’s look at some of the incredible benefits of indoor cycling classes:



Indoor cycling is a wonderful aerobic exercise to improve cardiovascular health. It’s ideal for people who want a cardio workout without putting too much stress on their joints. The classes will improve your heart’s stroke volume, which is the volume of blood pumped out of the heart’s left ventricle to the rest of the body with each heartbeat. Taking care of the heart is important for your health journey. 

At Woodside, you can even decide what type of cycling would motivate you and get your heart pumping. THE BEAT uses high-quality sound, curated hit playlists and a theater-like screen featuring beat-driven motion graphics to transform your ride into an experience fueled by rhythm and movement. With it, the music will motivate you to push yourself to success. With THE ROAD you should prepare to push your limits in our performance-focused class with theater-quality sound and distance, power and time drills to test your endurance.



You may see results in strength after only a few weeks of regular classes, and then continuing classes will help you maintain the results. In order to improve your strength, research indicates you should plan on doing at least 150 minutes of cycling per week. 

Woodside’s schedule for the Cycle Studio has classes at a variety of times 7 days a week in order to fit members’ schedules. You should be able to find times to fit into your weekly routine.



Indoor cycling classes in Kansas City can help develop an attitude of perseverance. Woodside’s Cycle Studio classes build mental strength because you will discover the more you ride, the time on the bike becomes easier and easier. You will learn to push through difficult hill climbs and coast through the flats. 

The mental self-discipline you possess increases with each pedal stroke and can be applied to other areas of your life involving self-control or confidence. If you find you need to relax after cycling workouts, Woodside also offers services at The Spa.



Indoor cycling classes are also a great way to burn calories. You can burn by making your workout more challenging depending on the difficulty and duration of the class. Besides burning calories during your workout, science also shows an “afterburn effect”, which means you’ll continue to burn calories even after you stop riding.

If you are able to attend classes three to six times per week you should see weight loss results. A study from 2018 found that indoor cycling and strength training were enough to have a positive effect on endurance and strength even without changing dietary habits. However, if you’d like a healthy meal after your workout, there are a variety of dining options at Woodside that offer snacks or meals: The Earthbar, The Pool, The Kitchen and more. 



Cycling puts far less pressure on your knees and your feet than other traditional cardio exercise alternatives you may find. This is especially important for those who may have had issues with knees or other joints in the past. With the ability to work hard on a bike without impact, you can focus on results without discomfort. 

In fact, indoor cycling allows for low-impact workouts that accommodate ailments, are easy on injuries, support joint and tendon health, and are excellent for the longevity of your fitness regime. 

Up close shot of hands holding on the handle bars of an indoor studio bike


In cycle classes, everyone rides together regardless of age, size, ability or experience. You’re in command of the intensity of your ride because you control both cadence and resistance on the bike. At Woodside’s Cycle Studio, our classes last 45 minutes and are led by professional instructors who guide you through heart-pumping routines in our state-of-the-art Cycle Studio. 

A beginner and an experienced cyclist can ride together with each one finding the level of challenge and effort that’s right for them. Cycling can be a highly intense workout, but it is also one that can be individualized and can increase as you want to up your pace. This makes including cycling an exciting part of your health journey.



Since you will follow your instructor while setting your own pace, you can aim to push yourself further to test your limits the more you ride. Even though you are cycling with a group, this is also an individual exercise where you can challenge yourself. This means, you will eventually see your personal growth and benefits. 

Cycling allows you to eliminate stress while riding, to meditate while you ride, to work harder to de-stress. Take the aggression out and clear your thoughts while pedaling away in your cycling class. Challenge yourself to use the class to help you in this way, too. 



Think of your cycling class as a team of riders with the same goals. You are a group looking toward fitness goals and the class helps you come together to meet them. A group like this helps with inspiration and motivation to come each time the class is scheduled and to work hard. Those who are newer to cycling can learn from others who are more experienced, allowing a community spirit and teamwork to take hold in the group.

A group mindset can be very helpful when working out, and at Woodside there are numerous opportunities for groups to meet outside of their class, such as spending time together visiting at The Kitchen or by the Pools. It’s a great time to have the chance to meet new people and build a sense of community. You are not cycling alone. Instead, you are with a coach and others and you will all help motivate one another.



If you are looking for indoor cycling classes in Kansas City, you should look no further than our Cycle Studio at Woodside, a results-driven program with renowned instructors dedicated to tap into your power to gain benefits for your cardio health, improve muscle endurance and build community in our cycling classes.

We would love for you to book a tour of Woodside, so we can show you all we have to offer!

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