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Equipment Feature | MoveStrong


If you haven’t had the chance to incorporate the MoveStrong staircase and ramp into your workouts at Woodside, make sure to check it out the next time you’re at the Club. Housed in The Yard, the MoveStrong gives you the opportunity to add variety and novelty to your training regardless of your current fitness level and goals. This structure allows you to bring elements of functional fitness and obstacle course racing to your workout, and of course it adds the opportunity to channel your inner Rocky Balboa.

Why do we love this piece of equipment? Many successful programs include a locomotive pattern. Locomotion is the movement or the ability to move from one place to another. Some common examples of locomotive patterns in training include sprinting, carry variations and crawling. The MoveStrong staircase and ramp give you the opportunity to progress many of these locomotive patterns upward providing new challenges in space by changing the line of pull against gravity while at the same changing the angle of force put into the ground to accelerate the body forward or backward. And, well, it’s fun.

Some examples of how and when to utilize the MoveStrong structure in your workouts include aerobic conditioning at the end of your session as a finisher, within complexes, circuits, and amraps, as well as task specific training for climbing and tactical training. Specificity is king in successful programming, but novelty most definitely serves a purpose to prepare us for unpredictable everyday movement challenges. The MoveStrong staircase and ramp provide an environment where you can train for both specificity and novelty.

Below are two sample workouts that use the MoveStrong structure. As with every session, make sure to warm up progressing from general movement to session specific movements and allow time for tissue and breathwork at the end.


Click here to watch our MoveStrong Sample Workouts Instagram Reel.

(As Many Rounds As Possible)

20 Minutes

Turf | 10 Med Ball Slams
Staircase | Stair Sprint
Platform | 10 Push Ups
Ramp | Reverse Bear Crawl
Turf | 10 High Plank Shoulder Taps

Tactical Challenge for Time
(5 Rounds)

Turf  | 10 Heavy Kettlebell Swings
Ramp | Rope Assisted Climb
Ramp | Rope Rappel
Turf | Sprint to Staircase
Turf | 10 Sandbag Front Squats
Staircase | Over the Shoulder Sandbag Carry
Staircase | Over the Shoulder Sandbag Descent

Our Training team can help you incorporate the MoveStrong structure into your workout routine. To learn more click here or email us.

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