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Equipment Feature | OUTRACE

The OUTRACE structures, available on The Playground and The Yard, are versatile and adaptable tools that can greatly benefit users interested in functional training. Functional training, in turn, offers numerous advantages, including improved overall fitness, enhanced functional abilities, injury prevention and increased athletic performance. Incorporating functional training into your fitness routine with the help of an OUTRACE structure can lead to better physical well-being and greater functional capacity in everyday life.

Check out some of the many ways you can interact with the OUTRACE below.

Gym Ladder
Used as a support for bodyweight workouts, free-body exercises, stretching, for elastic tools, and limitless other applications

Lat Bar Twins
Perfect for pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups and crunches, muscle-ups. These bars are also ideal for all types of suspension workouts aimed at building and improving upper body strength.

Plyo Board
Can be set at different heights and used for exercises like jump squats and torsion lunges

Barbell Lever
Multi-directional pivoting barbell can be used for a variety of core training exercises

Ball Trampoline
Designed to rebound medicine balls and wall balls

Training Ladder
Unique suspension training tool that allows a gradual increase in challenge level

ABD Suspension Band
Padded bands specially designed for suspension training like traction and bodyweight lifting

Gym Rope
Perfect for exercises like the alternating wave and rope slam

Our Training team can help you incorporate the OUTRACE structure into your workout routine. To learn more click here or email us.

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