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Do You Need a Personal Trainer? 5 Key Questions to Consider

Whether you are brand new to fitness or are a seasoned gym veteran, you can benefit from personal training in Kansas City. That is because personal trainers are certified to help you have a safe and fulfilling gym experience. They are also there to motivate you and teach you new training methods and…

A group of friends and family pass plates around at Thanksgiving

7 Tips to Not Overindulge This Thanksgiving

One of America’s favorite holidays is just around the corner: Thanksgiving. This is a special day that is set aside for us to celebrate with friends and family, catch up on the past year and of course, indulge in some delicious foods.

Close up of bars and people doing pilates

8 Ways Pilates Benefits Your Life

If your exercise routine is getting a little stale, it may be time to consider a change in your routine. Don’t worry, this sort of thing happens to everyone! However, you don’t want to run out of steam and end up losing track of your goals.

Woman lifting weight with personal trainer next to her guiding her workout

How Woodside Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

It’s the height of summer, and soon, these long days and relaxing vibes will give way to the busy fall season. Whether you have children or not, August and September always feel like a blur as one season transitions into the next.