December Specials at The Spa

‘Tis the season of giving! The Spa offers many ways to get into the holiday spirit and treat yourself:

Gift yourself or someone you love with a thieves massage to jump start your immune system for the cold season. Are you ready for the holiday party season? Book a ‘Glow and Go’ facial peel with

Woodside Wish List 2018

You can do anything in two months – and it’s crunch time to finish strong on meeting your 2018 goals. November is the perfect time to reflect on your resolutions you made at the beginning of the year and make adjustments to make them more attainable – where has your progress taken you?

The Woodside

When Summer Ends, Summer Training Begins

Build your beach body, just in time for summer.

With the change in seasons often comes a change in our fitness routines. Whether we realize it or not, it’s easy to lose track of our fitness goals and allow those few extra pounds to sneak up on us. Fall seems to set a tone

November Specials at The Spa

This month, enjoy a seasonal hot stone treatment and replenish your dry skin to support your long-term skincare regimen with specials on SkinCeuticals & Tria laser system. Show your support for “Movember” with 10% off Jack Black Skincare.


Purchase any Jack Black men’s skincare products and receive 10% off

The Anti-Diet | Meal Rules to Live By

“Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.” – GiGi Hadid

Over the years, I have learned that diets don’t always work. Sure, you may lose a few pounds here and there, but as soon as you indulge just a little (because you’re human), you immediately gain the weight back. It’s

Woodside Kitchen Salmon Bowl Recipe


olive oil–2 TBSP wild caught salmon–4 oz. portion cooked quinoa–1 cup hand-chopped bacon–2 TBSP pickled golden raisins–1 TBSP (plumped in a hot pickling liquid and cooled down. Best at least 2 days after) oven roasted cauliflower florets–1/4 cup toasted almond slices–2 TBSP mustard vinaigrette–2 oz. apple cider vinegar- ½ TBSP Honey mustard- 1 TBSP

“Slaying the Dragon” | Lisa Hampton’s Story

“I’m Lisa Hampton, I’m 44 years old and I started weight training in my 20’s as a way to beat depression. I’ve always said that the good body is just a side effect of slaying what I called “my dragon”. I started lifting in college for my required physical ed class, but I kept lifting 

July Specials at The Spa

Add a touch of the tropics to your spa day with a lavender and Coconut Crush body polish or a soothing Aloe Back Facial. Enjoy 20% off under eye skin products from SkinCeuticals.



Feel the silky, rich sensation

Four Steps to Building a Great-Tasting and Healthy Salad

When the word salad comes to mind what do you think of automatically?

Iceberg lettuce, store bought croutons and a bottled dressing? Shredded cheddar cheese if you’re lucky? Sorry mom, but we’ve come a long way from that.

There’s actually quite a bit that can go into a making a great salad. Sure, we can

The Secret Behind The Herb: Root & Bones

Woodside is always looking to bring in next-level nutrition and wellness formulas to offer our members. One of our most recent products comes from Root & Bones, a holistic herb company that uses medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs to nourish and protect the body’s balance through powerful adaptogens.

“Adaptogens are densely nutritious botanical substances