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Revitalize Your Senses: Spa Treatments for Body and Mind

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Are you feeling the pressures of daily life weighing you down? It’s time to prioritize your well-being and embark on a journey to revitalize your senses. At Woodside, Kansas City’s premier luxury health club and wellness center, we understand the importance of nurturing both body and mind. Our holistic approach encompasses fitness, rejuvenation and community, providing you with the ultimate daily retreat tailored to your individual needs.

When it comes to enhancing your well-being, The Spa at Woodside offers an array of indulgent treatments designed to soothe your body and spirit. Step into a realm of tranquility as our caring and professional therapists customize your experience to address your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress or a boost in energy, our spa treatments are sure to leave you feeling re-energized and refreshed. Continue reading to learn all that our wellness center in Kansas City has to offer:



Massage and spa services shouldn’t be one size fits all. That is why here at Woodside, our wellness center in Kansas City strives to provide a wealth of options for our members to choose from. Below is a list of the various massage therapies we offer:

Deep Tissue Massage: 

Targeting deep muscles and connective tissues, this massage improves posture and relieves tension. This makes it the perfect choice for those in need of intense bodywork.

Classic Swedish Massage: 

Experience relaxation at its finest with light to medium pressure and long, gliding strokes, tailored to alleviate stress and promote overall well-being.

Hot Stone Massage: 

Let the soothing warmth of hot stones melt away muscle tension, reduce inflammation and enhance your massage experience for ultimate relaxation.

Cupping Therapy Massage: 

Invigorate and detoxify your body with advanced massage and cupping techniques, stimulating circulation and relieving tension for a therapeutic deep touch.

Visceral Therapeutic Massage: 

Restore mobility and improve organ function with gentle manual therapy targeting the soft internal organs, offering holistic healing for the body.

Theragun™ Activation + Recovery: 

Enhance flexibility, prevent injuries and support your fitness and wellness goals with specialized deep-muscle treatment using Theragun™ Percussive Therapy.

Prenatal Massage: 

It is no secret that pregnancy can take a toll on your body. By booking this option, you can ease physical discomfort and promote a healthy pregnancy with safe and relaxing techniques tailored to expectant mothers.

Head, Neck + Shoulder Relief: 

Do you frequently struggle with headaches or neck and shoulder pain? This therapy alleviates headaches and anxiety through nerve stimulation on the scalp, offering a quick tune-up for the modern lifestyle.

Spa therapies don’t stop there, however! You can customize your spa experience by adding additional treatments such as Reflexology, Dry Brushing, Foot + Leg Treatment, CBD Oil infusion or a Hot Oil Scalp Treatment. These enhancements will further elevate your relaxation and well-being, ensuring a truly rejuvenating experience.

A woman getting a hot stone massage at the wellness center in Kansas City


At Woodside, we take pride in our exceptional team of spa professionals who are dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our members. With a combined 90 years of experience in massage therapy and esthetics, our staff possesses diverse expertise and skill sets to cater to a wide range of needs. Each member of our team specializes in different approaches and techniques, allowing us to highly personalize every treatment and service for our guests. When you visit our wellness center in Kansas City, rest assured that you’re in the capable hands of seasoned professionals committed to your well-being.



Massage therapy is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your overall health and well being. However, did you know that spa treatments are most effective when they are used routinely? Below are a few of the key reasons you should consider booking regular treatments at our Kansas City wellness center:

Stress Relief: 

Regular spa treatments, such as massages, are proven to reduce stress levels by promoting relaxation and releasing tension from the body. If you find yourself struggling with compounding stress from work, life and family, schedule a recurring appointment with a massage therapist. 

Improved Circulation: 

During the winter months especially, many individuals struggle with proper circulation. Massage therapy enhances blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells while removing toxins, resulting in better overall health. 

Pain Management: 

Do you suffer from a chronic pain condition? Are you consistently sore and fatigued from your rigorous training schedule? If so, spa therapy can provide relief by targeting specific areas of discomfort and promoting healing.

Enhanced Mental Well-being: 

Spa treatments not only benefit the body but also the mind, reducing anxiety, promoting mental clarity and boosting mood.

Better Sleep Quality: 

Many individuals struggle with getting adequate rest at night, which has a negative and significant impact on health. Relaxing spa experiences can help regulate sleep patterns, leading to improved sleep quality and overall well-restedness.

Skin Health: 

Facials and skincare treatments offered at our spa help maintain healthy, glowing skin by exfoliating, hydrating and rejuvenating the skin’s appearance.

Overall Wellness:

By incorporating spa therapy into your routine, you’re making a proactive investment in your overall health and wellness, enabling you to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Frequent spa visits offer numerous benefits for both your body and mind. Regular massages can help improve circulation, reduce stress levels, enhance flexibility and promote better sleep quality. By prioritizing self-care through spa treatments, you invest in your overall health and happiness, enabling you to face life’s challenges with renewed vigor and vitality.



Ready to embark on your journey to wellness? Contact Woodside today to schedule a tour and learn more about becoming a member of our thriving community. Experience the difference of a holistic approach to fitness and rejuvenation at Kansas City’s premier luxury health club and wellness center. Your well-being awaits.

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