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Massage Therapy and Mental Health: 4 Key Facts You Should Know

A man getting a scalp massage from one of the talented massage therapists in Kansas City

Massage therapy has many physical benefits, but a good massage therapist can also relieve stress and re-energize both the body and spirit. You will leave your massage session feeling relaxed with your muscles less tight and your blood flowing well. Professional massage therapists in Kansas City customize your sessions to your needs.

When you choose a health and fitness club like Woodside for your spa experience, you will have a wellness destination curated to serve the individual fitness and mental well-being of its members. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of massage therapy above and beyond just helping you feel better physically:



In today’s world, both anxiety and depression rates have grown and people need ways to take care of this area of their health. Massage is a great way to relax beginning with your muscles and then moving to the rest of your body and mind. When you become relaxed, your heart rate and blood pressure lower. In addition, oxygen consumption levels decrease. These changes in the body help avoid depression by reducing stress and anxiety

Some of our massage options at The Spa at Woodside that provide relief of stress and relaxation are our Classic Swedish Massage and our Hot Stone Massage, both of which can be scheduled for anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. 

If you are looking for a quick relief for headaches or anxiety, you might consider our Head, Neck + Shoulder Relief massage. This is a great option for times you may only have 30 minutes to find relief. It is perfect for the person with a busy schedule to still fit in time to take care of themselves. 



Massages can also be great ways to bring energy back into your life. They have been shown to improve sleep patterns even in those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues allowing them to go to sleep more easily and have fewer disturbances during the night. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep restores our bodies with the chemicals glycogen and adenosine. These decrease while we are awake; however, glycogen is needed to store energy in the brain. 

Fatigue occurs as a consequence of inadequate sleep or being awake at a circadian time when the brain is programmed for sleep. Research indicates that 8 hours of sleep can provide a daily energy savings of 35%. 

Theragun™ Activation + Recovery is one of our many massage options at The Spa at Woodside that provides a personalized experience to energize your body and mind while enhancing flexibility and helping prevent injuries and supporting your fitness and wellbeing.

You can also add on additional services to energize yourself, such as our Foot + Leg Treatment. Many times adding on areas of your body that feel achy or tight will allow your body to energize itself again. Our professional massage therapists can help you discover the best treatments for your needs.



Research has shown that massage therapy can improve the quality of life for many people who suffer from chronic illnesses and diseases by alleviating some symptoms and the stress associated with having these. Massage can be added to other treatment plans you have now.

Individuals with cancer were found to have reduced side effects generally associated with the cancer treatments such as reducing pain, depression and anxiety. This also places people in better psychological and physiological states in order to deal with their illnesses.

Massage therapists in Kansas City can help you handle the stresses of life and your own physical ailments, and at The Spa at Woodside we have numerous options to best find the right one for your needs with add on options for more health benefits. 

Hot stones, flowers, and candles set up in a spa room



Most people who enjoy a good massage do so because they feel so much better afterwards. There are many reasons for this, and they are both physical and mental. 

A massage can lower stress and decrease anxiety. Massaging the body also results in increasing brain serotonin and dopamine, which lead to feelings of happiness. Research indicates that feeling happy leads to feeling more energetic and making better decisions with a clearer mind. 

Massages are a holistic way to improve mental health, and with our multiple options you can find the right one for you. With our many massage providers, you will be able to find both the service and time that fits your needs.



If you are looking for massage therapists in Kansas City, let us tell you about those at The Spa at Woodside. Our spa providers have a combined 90 years of experience to serve members with a wide range of needs. 

At Woodside we are proud to showcase a team of experts who specialize in different approaches and techniques and are able to highly personalize each treatment and service for our members. We can help determine the right treatment to meet your particular needs.



Although massage therapy is basically defined as the manual manipulation of muscles and certain other soft tissues in the body, including connective tissue, ligaments and tendons, the wider effects that result in benefits for both the body and mind are what make massage valuable for individuals looking for a holistic medical approach. 

If you, too, are looking for relief of stress and anxiety, to add energy to your life, to alleviate symptoms from some chronic illnesses and even to improve your mood, massage therapy may be exactly what you need to add to your health routine. It is easy only to look at the physically exertive elements of working out to benefit your health, but taking care of relaxation and meditation is also crucial to your overall well being. 

If you would like to book a tour of Woodside, Kansas City’s premier luxury health club, reach out and check out all we have to offer.

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