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Restore and Renew: The Benefits of Contrast Therapy

Whether you are an athlete, recovering from an injury or just experience general discomfort with your muscles and joints, there are many benefits to implementing hot and cold therapy in your wellness routine.

For example, cold therapy can be used to reduce inflammation by slowing down your blood flow to the affected area, and is

The Power of Recovery

If you’re like most people this time of year, you made resolutions that centered around your fitness. From working out more, to losing weight, giving yourself more time to focus on your health and everything in between, fitness-focused goal-making naturally spikes this time of year. But in order to really make your hard work stick

Gradualism: A Personal Trainer’s Journey Back to Being Fit

What motivated you start a new fitness regimen and how did you personally stick to it?

I was strong and active for so many years prior to having my son. Naturally, after becoming a mother life took on a different pace and my body took on a different shape. There finally came a time when

August Spa Specials: Back to School

Summer is wrapping up and it is time to show off your summer glow and relax before the back-to-school madness sets in. The Spa at Woodside has a great set of specials this month so that you can make this the best, and most luxurious back-to-school season, yet.