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8 Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Goals During the Colder Months




For many people, staying motivated to keep up on health and fitness during the colder months is no easy feat. The winter months mean frigid weather, shorter days and yes, even the upcoming and often stressful holiday season. All things considered, it is no wonder that so many people put themselves on the back burner! That being said, our Westwood gym has a few great tips that can help you stay on task and skip the seasonal hibernation. 



If you approach your wellness plan with a ‘I’ll just wing it’ mentality, odds are good that you will find yourself slipping off track in no time. A wellness plan requires thought, consideration and preparation. Create a schedule that you can follow, including mapping out which days you will hit up the Westwood gym, what you are going to target during these workouts and even create a meal prep plan. It is understandable that life might throw a wrench in these plans every once and a while, but having everything laid out will help you to bounce back and recover quickly. 



Does the cold weather tend to slow you down? Are you someone who struggles with joint pain or is recovering from past injuries, such as a knee or ankle surgery? If so, then it is best practice to move your workouts indoors, especially during the fall and winter months. The cold can dramatically exacerbate joint pain and stiffness, and working out in a climate controlled environment could be an excellent solution. Hit up the treadmill or stationary bike, lift free weights or try a yoga class . Whatever you need to have a fulfilling indoor workout, Woodside has you covered .



Everyone can benefit from an accountability partner! This person is there to keep you motivated, encourage you to reach your goals and is there to celebrate every milestone. If you need someone to help hold you accountable and make sure you don’t keep pressing the snooze button and skipping your workout, consider going with a friend. This could be your spouse or partner, a coworker or even a friend you’ve made at the gym. Having someone count on you and that you can count on in turn will make the world of difference when it comes to powering through the winter months. 



Is there a class that you have been wanting to try but never took the time for? Have you been wanting to check out classes  like yoga or Pilates but weren’t sure if they were a good fit? If you are looking for a way to shake up your fitness routine, now is the perfect time! Getting stuck in the same routine over and over can be boring and underwhelming. Here at our Westwood gym, we have a robust group fitness schedule that our members can choose from! 



One of the best ways you can stay on track with your fitness goals is to work with a personal trainer. Here at Woodside, our personal training team is highly educated and qualified to help you stick to your wellness plan. They will work one on one with you to find out your goals, create a fitness plan you will enjoy and even be there by your side to cheer you on!

Deciding to work with a personal trainer is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your health. New members receive a complimentary session with a Woodside Personal Trainer; if you haven’t taken advantage of this offer yet, now is the perfect time.

A personal trainer working with with a woman using kettle bells


We have all been there: you step up to the squat rack and get ready to lift a significant weight when all of a sudden a slow song comes on over your headphones. Not only is this annoying, but it can put a real damper on your motivation and mood when in the gym. 

If you haven’t curated your workout playlist, take some time to do so. Update it with new tracks and artists that are guaranteed to keep your blood pumping. If you workout with a partner, create a joint playlist on Spotify or another music app and add songs together. Needing some inspiration? Search “WOODSIDE” on Spotify to find our profile and grab songs from one of our playlists!



When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, it is important to keep track of your progress. There are several ways that you can go about this, you just need to find which one works best for you. Some people prefer to use an app and pair up their smartwatch to log their active minutes, calories and more. Others might opt to go a more old fashioned route and use a spreadsheet or even a notebook to track the info. Whichever way you choose, just make sure to keep all the info up to date! This way you can see your progress in real time.



Working out is just one piece of the overall wellness puzzle. There are other essential health habits that you should adopt, including eating a nutritious and well balanced diet, drinking enough water and even getting the proper amount of rest each night. Adding these habits to your everyday routine is going to better set you up for success and keep you motivated through the fall, winter and beyond.  



This fall and winter, make sure to make your health and wellness a priority by joining our Westwood gym! Here you will find everything you need to combat the cold and keep your fitness goals. Work out at our expansive gym, take a group fitness class or even consult with a personal trainer. Don’t let this season pass you by – inquire about a membership today! We want all of our members to lead their happiest and healthiest lives, and that includes you!

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