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10 Ways You Can Celebrate National Wellness Month

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August can signify quite a few things, including the end of summer and for many, the beginning of the new school year. However, it is also National Wellness Month, meaning that it is the perfect time to take a closer look at how we can take care of ourselves. The transition of seasons always brings about a hectic time period that can be both stressful and draining. 

Here at Club Woodside, a wellness center in Kansas City, we have a few suggestions on how you should celebrate. Check out these 10, easy tips that can help you kick off August feeling healthier and more refreshed than ever.


1. DRINK MORE WATER: It’s no secret that August is hot, especially here in the Midwest. Our brains may be in autumn, as the stores are starting to put out pumpkins and leaves and all things fall, but the temperatures and the humidity are sky-high. Because of this, drinking water isn’t just a helpful suggestion, it’s absolutely essential. If this is a hard task for you or something you tend to struggle with, try ordering a fun water bottle from your favorite retailer. Or, jazz up the flavor with fresh fruit or zero-calorie add-ins, turning water into something flavorful, like lemonade or fruit punch.


2. NOURISH YOUR SKIN: If the summer sun was unkind to you, or maybe you mistakenly skipped out on sunscreen a time or two, it’s time to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. As our largest organ, our skin takes a beating in the elements even if we’re extremely careful, constantly exposed to wind, sun and humidity. To counter this, we suggest you drop by our spa for a luxury facial. Try our signature facial or really treat yourself with a sun recovery facial. Either way, a skilled technician will give you a world-class treatment.


3. TAKE A WALK: We know it’s hot outside right now, but getting some fresh air can go a long way. Consider swapping your indoor routine for something different, giving you a chance to reap the benefits of an outdoor stroll. If heat is a concern, go later in the evening. Grab a friend or your pet and get the added benefit of socializing. Plus, with Club Woodside’s new cardio equipment you can explore the outdoors, inside.


4. PRACTICE DEEP BREATHING: Sometimes, the stresses of life can try to get the better of us. It’s in those moments we need to stop and take a deep breath. Stress has a huge impact on health, negatively affecting every aspect of our bodies, from our brains to our digestive system even to our skin. If we feel ourselves getting tense, that’s when we need to pause and slowly inhale through our noses and then exhale out through our mouths. Do this five or six times in a row whenever you need it.


5. START EACH DAY WITH A STRETCH: If there is one way to wake your body up better than a cup of your favorite coffee, it’s with a good stretch. After you get out of bed and before you’ve thrown on your outfit for the day, really take a moment to warm up your body. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive or in the realm of yoga, but if you incorporate a few simple moves, you can really boost your mood and improve flexibility. Start off with a few toe touches (or as close as you can get!) and follow it up with a few arm cross-body stretches, too.


6. CUT BACK ON SUGAR: Americans are known for consuming too much sugar. In fact, the average American consumes up to 22 teaspoons a day! Obviously, this has a negative impact on our health. Give your body something nutritious from our Woodside kitchen. Even if you’re on the go, try one of our delicious, wholesome smoothies or protein shakes. When you’re at home, swap out sugary cereals with whole-grain oatmeal or toast. Instead of soda or sugary tea, fill up your water bottle.

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7. BOOK A MASSAGE: Unfortunately, so many people view getting a massage as something they only do once in a blue moon. Usually, this is after an injury, or when their body has reached a breaking point and they are in pain. However, working massages into your regular routine can have a multitude of health benefits.

Here at Woodside, we have a staff of dedicated, well-trained professionals who offer a variety of massage styles. Our signature massage is perfect for stimulating circulation and easing muscular stiffness. Upgrade and try our hot stone massage or our energy-balancing CBD massage.


8. BE KIND TO YOUR EYES: Now more than ever, we are extremely hard on our eyes. We spend hours upon hours a day staring at screens. Computers, TVs, phones, tablets: we are constantly being exposed to blue light. Unfortunately, up to 50,000 Americans go blind each year, mostly from preventable or treatable diseases. Book your annual eye exam, wear sunglasses or blue-filtering glasses, and remember to look away from your screen and take breaks where you can.


9. PHONE A FRIEND: Sometimes, nothing boosts our spirits like spending time with a loved one. If they live a distance away, pick up the phone to call them – not just text! – or schedule a time to have a Zoom video chat. If they are local, invite them over for dinner or out for a drink. Taking the time to connect with someone, catch up, and share a laugh can have huge benefits for our mental health and overall wellness.


10. SHOW YOUR LIPS SOME LOVE: From time to time, we can forget that our lips need nourishment, too. Soon, the colder months will be creeping up, and along with it, biting winter winds that can leave our lips chapped and cracked. Stock up ahead of time on lip balm or even good old-fashioned petroleum jelly. 

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do to celebrate wellness and your body. While you’re in our club, be sure to stop in and talk to a staff member and ask about their favorite way to unwind at Woodside or check out how to maximize your relaxation

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