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6 Health Habits to Adopt in Time for Fall



At long last, fall is here! It’s time to bust out the flannels and cardigans, put up the harvest themed decor and get ready to watch your favorite football team on Sunday. If you have been wanting to make a few changes to your health routine, now is the perfect time to (pumpkin) spice things up. 

Today, our KC wellness center is here to provide you with a few habits to implement this season. Keep reading to learn more!



While it is especially important to make sure that you drink plenty of water when the weather is hot due to the elevated risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, hydration is something that you should focus on year round. Dehydration is linked to a number of health concerns, including fatigue, dry skin and gastrointestinal issues. Just because the temperatures are beginning to drop doesn’t mean that you should skip refilling your water bottle. If you are exercising on the fitness floor of our KC wellness center, remember you need to replenish the water you sweat out! 



Fall is the ideal time to get out and enjoy the fresh air, especially for those in the Midwest. Summer and winter can both be harsh, so take advantage of mild temperatures while you can! Spending time outdoors has many benefits, like helping you get the required amount of daily Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D plays a critical role in bolstering the immune system and keeping you feeling your best, even in the face of sickness. It is also essential for maintaining your mental health. So pack up the family and head to the pumpkin patch, lace up your sneakers and go for a run around your local park or even book tickets to a football game. However you like to spend time outdoors, just make sure you have fun doing it! 



Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash, apples – no matter which you choose, autumn has some of the best seasonal produce that is both nutritious and delicious. Visit your local farmer’s market to prepare meals featuring these tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables. Meal prepping and keeping on top of diet and nutrition is essential, especially when gearing up for this next round of holidays.

If you want to eat something delicious while visiting Woodside, make sure to stop by our Kitchen. Our Executive Chef has prepared a menu of incredible dishes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Starting in October, our fall seasonal menu will be available. There are even options available for those with dietary restrictions, such as gluten free and vegan selections. Enjoy your meal knowing that everything prepared The Kitchen also adheres to our 6 Standards of Quality, meaning that you are getting only the best, locally sourced ingredients available. 

A seasonal dish of roasted pumpkin and squash


Between the chaos of back to school and the upcoming time change, it can be tough to stick to a routine. However, it is vital that you do so in an effort to maintain your health and well being. If you are trying to reach certain fitness or wellness goals, a routine will also help keep you accountable. 

If you are struggling to determine what that looks like, our KC wellness center has a few suggestions:

    • Plan to get your workout in at a specific time or on set days and keep track of your progress.
    • Meal prep in advance to help you make it through the busier parts of your week.
    • Try to go to bed at a consistent time each night and wake up around the same time each morning, even on the weekends. 

These little changes will add up to big ones and allow you to see significant improvements in your overall well being! 



One of the most sure fire ways to ensure that you’re ‘falling’ into the right habits is by joining a group fitness class! These classes have many benefits, including the opportunity to make new friends who can cheer you on and help hold you accountable. Not only that, but it’s also an excellent way to try something new, such as learning more about yoga or strength training. 

Here at Woodside, our KC wellness center features a robust group fitness schedule. With over 100 classes offered each week, you are bound to find a course that interests you as well as fits into your busy fall schedule. 



If you haven’t had a health screening or check up in a little while, now is the perfect time! With the cold weather on its way, cold and flu season will also be right around the corner. Call and book an appointment with your doctor and get a health check up. Don’t forget to practice good health habits, such as washing your hands and regularly disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. 

Also, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which serves as a great reminder to schedule a screening. If you might be at risk for breast cancer as well as other types of cancers, don’t put off a check up! Early detection is key in saving lives.



This fall, don’t let your health get put on the backburner! Adopting these six health habits can be a real game changer in helping you to feel your best and achieve your fitness goals. Maintaining a set schedule, keeping hydrated, eating nutritious seasonal foods and getting a health screening are all excellent first steps. 

If you aren’t yet a member of Woodside, then make sure to sign up! Our KC wellness center has many great resources and amenities that will help you stay on track. With a membership to Woodside, you will have the opportunity to join a fitness class, relax at our spa, eat delicious meals at our Kitchen and even work with a personal trainer. Don’t let this fall season pass you by – prioritize your health today!

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