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5 Practical Nutrition Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

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When it comes to diet and nutrition, there is so much information out there on the internet, it’s hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. Every beauty and wellness influencer under the sun swears by one product or method in particular, but these aren’t always practical for the average person. This can make the process of changing up your diet a lot more difficult and daunting than it needs to be! If you’re feeling discouraged about how to approach nutrition, especially going into the new year, we want to help.

Here at our Kansas City health club, Woodside understands wanting to take a practical and straightforward approach. That is why we’ve taken the time to compile these five amazing tips you won’t want to miss:



When you get into the kitchen to meal prep for the week, what does it look like for you? All too often, Americans are told to skip carbs and avoid them like the plague. This simply shouldn’t be the case! In fact, when paired with high protein foods, carbs can help you to stay fuller longer and provide a more balanced meal. The key is to wisely choose which carbs to add to your diet. 

For example, you should seek out starchy carbs or whole grains. This includes whole grain rice, bread, pasta and cereals. Yes, you can even have potatoes! Just be sure to leave the skins on. Also, starchy carbs should make up about one third of your meal, with lean protein and veggies making up the other parts. The higher in fiber the carbs are, the longer you will feel full. 



Did you know that it is recommended to have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day? While this might sound like a difficult undertaking at first, making a few simple adjustments throughout your day can ensure you’re meeting this goal. For example, this could be as easy as slicing up a banana to go into your bowl of cereal each morning or including some fresh blueberries in your oatmeal. If you enjoy a pre-workout protein shake, dice up some kale and strawberries to go into your smoothie. When planning out your meal prep for the week, make sure to add veggies, such as steamed broccoli, cauliflower or carrots as a side dish. 

Here at Woodside, our Kansas City health club is home to the Midwest’s only Earthbar. This west-coast based health company serves up some of the best pre- and post-workout nutrition options, including smoothies and juices that are made in house. Check out their menu to review some of their delicious and nutritious options to try on your next trip to Woodside!



While fat can be an important element to include in your diet, it is vital to do so wisely. The old adage ‘everything in moderation’ most certainly applies here. Be mindful of the types of fats you are eating and exactly how much. Fats can be broken down into two main categories: saturated and unsaturated. If you include too much saturated fat in your diet, this can lead to an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other cardiovascular issues

For the average adult, men should consume around 30g of saturated fats each day and women should consume around 20g. For more specific quantities that will work best for your body type and dietary needs, consult with your doctor or a licensed dietitian for more information. 

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When winter rolls around, especially here in the Midwest, it can be a real challenge to ensure that you stay properly hydrated. Just because it is cold doesn’t mean that you can skip out on getting your daily water intake! According to government nutrition experts, the average person should consume around eight glasses of water every day. This translates to about 2 liters of water. Typically, men need more water than women. 

While plain water is recommended, you can also stay hydrated by drinking other beverages as well. This can include milk, tea and all natural fruit juices. Try to avoid sugary, carbonated drinks such as sodas or juices that contain little to no actual fruit juice. 



Many people argue about the pros and cons of eating a balanced breakfast each morning. Some say that eating breakfast helps to kick start your metabolism while others say to skip it to avoid the calories. Our advice is this: eat breakfast. The primary reason behind this is because if you don’t, come lunch time, you are likely going to be ravenous and want to eat more food than you would have otherwise. 

You don’t have to wake up and make an elaborate spread each day, but even eating a granola bar or a yogurt cup can go a long way in helping you to feel fuller for longer. Also, you will be far less tempted to wander down to your work’s vending machine for a candy bar after your 10 a.m. meeting!



Here at Woodside, we understand that health and wellness are made up of many different parts. From physical wellness to the food that you use to fuel your body, every element has a role to play. If you aren’t giving your body the proper vitamins and nutrients you need, your efforts in the gym could suffer and vice versa. Nutrition is every bit as important as exercise in allowing you to feel like the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. If you aren’t yet a member of our premier Kansas City health club, now is your chance! Schedule a tour of our beautiful facilities today and see first hand just how amazing our amenities truly are. The fitness center, spa and The Kitchen, which features a delicious and nutritious seasonal menu, are all accessible to members. We can’t wait to see you around Woodside!

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