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8 Tips For Keeping Your Fitness Goals During the Colder Months

For many people, staying motivated to keep up on health and fitness during the colder months is no easy feat. The winter months mean frigid weather, shorter days and yes, even the upcoming and often stressful holiday season. All things considered, it is no wonder that so many people put themselves…

A young woman playing tennis outdoors

The 7 Best Benefits of Playing Tennis at Woodside

Have you ever considered taking a ‘whack’ at tennis? Or maybe your racquet has sat in the back of the storage closet for too long collecting dust and you need to get back into the swing of things. Regardless, playing tennis actually comes with a wealth of health benefits!

A personal trainer works with a client on a treadmill

8 Fitness Benefits You Can Only Get From a Personal Trainer

When you think of utilizing personal training in Kansas City, what do you think of? Do you imagine an extremely buff guy in a tank top yelling at you to push harder and do better? Or do you see yourself being pressured to do workouts that you are not totally comfortable with?