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10PoundCountdown Challenge: What’s Your Group Fitness Personality?

Last week we talked about clean eating to help cut calories and make sure you are fueling your body right as you work to shed those extra winter pounds. Now it’s time to start adding some fun into your workout with Group Fitness! Woodside offers more than 100 free classes each week, and all throughout the day (plus early morning and evening) so you have no excuse to get in a great workout. 

Benefits of Group Fitness: 

– A variety of programming provides plenty of options to keep you from getting bored

– Participating with others can help you stay motivated

– You are more likely to get in a full workout if someone else is leading it and encouraging you 

– Watch your progress as you improve strength, flexibility, and endurance

If you are stuck in a routine, have hit a plateau, or are just plain bored with working out, group fitness classes can expose you to new exercises to help re-charge your fitness. Try something new to challenge your regular routine. High-intensity classes are a great way to burn calories and condition. Woodside offers several strength-based classes that are a great option for those that want resistance training but shy away from machines. Not sure where to start? Visit our class calendar on our website and view classes by category: strength, conditioning, flexibility, and cycling. 

Looking for more? Our fee-based classes take it up a notch with smaller groups and individualized attention. Try Personal Training’s SGT, Pilates Small Group, or Cardio Tennis. Just select “fee-based classes” on our class calendar to see all our offerings. 

Take our Group Fitness Personality Quiz to find out which Woodside Group Fitness classes might be the perfect match for you!

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