Using a mix of science, experience and human connection, Woodside Personal Trainers go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.


Ortho-Kinetics identifies the problem, before looking for a solution.

Woodside personal trainers are educated and certified under the Ortho-Kinetics® curriculum. Developed through the Ortho-Kinetics Institute founded by Everett Aaberg and based at TELOS Fitness Center, the Institute produces Ortho-Kinetics Trainers and Therapists who are the most extensively trained Professional Trainers in the fitness industry.

The founders of Ortho-Kinetics found that most personal training programs offer improvement to a certain point, and no further, creating a fitness plateau and frustration among trainers and clients. So, they started looking at their offerings from a clinical perspective in an effort to seek out root cause and offer a more intelligent solution.

Woodside has invested in the education and certification under the Ortho-Kinetics personal training program for all of our trainers, who must complete a minimum of 100 hours to be certified at Level One, because we expect a higher level of education and expertise for our members. 

Ortho-Kinetics® was developed to identify root cause of pain, decreased range or mobility and performance limitations, and allows for diagnosis and prescription of the appropriate personal training program to push past plateaus and achieve goals.

Get to know your body.

You joined Woodside because you expect more than the status quo. We’re honored you’re here and want to help you maximize your time and make the most of your experience as a member. That starts with understanding both your physical and mental strengths and limitations. To help you do that, Woodside is happy to invest two hours in you, through the Ortho-Kinetics Assessment.

When you meet with your Woodside personal trainer, you will be taken through a process to help you (and them) understand your body, how it moves, and what your potential limitations are.

The Woodside Ortho-Kinetics Assessment includes the following, over the course of two visits:

Consultation with your Woodside personal trainer
Get to know your trainer as they get to know you over a smoothie or tea in the clubhouse lounge. Their no-pressure, non-sales demeanor allows you to be open and honest, to really take advantage of all this process has to offer.

Joint Bias Analysis
Complete various movements as your trainer analyzes your biomechanical make-up, strengths, weaknesses, and areas of limitation. This eye-opening evaluation will arm you, and your personal trainer, with information to help you make the most of your time at Woodside.

Complementary training session
Your personal trainer will build and then guide you through a custom workout, designed from your biomechanical make-up, personal desires and goals, and current fitness level; making adjustments to programming in real time.


If you’re ready to see for yourself how a consultation and Ortho-Kinetics assessment can change the way you workout, and set you on a path to success, contact us today to schedule a time to meet with one of our trainers. They can’t wait to meet you.