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Sara Johnston

Massage Therapist, LMT

Sara’s massage technique was born out of the rich massage culture of Seattle, WA in 2019, with a 13-year esthetics practice backing her training. In Seattle she learned from world-renowned instructors, such as Pat Archer and Joe Lavin, in styles that range from sports and fascial work to Chinese, Thai Table and Lomi Lomi. Sara’s expertise lies in seamlessly blending these techniques into muscle-specific bodywork. Her approach was awarded a silver medal in innovation at the American Massage Championship in July 2023. Her second competition at the PNW Massage Open in October 2023 awarded her a gold medal.


Sara’s blended approach to massage combines Deep Lomi strokes, Thai Table stretching and muscle-specific sports massage techniques. She is known for her firm pressure that targets change in the muscle and fascia. Sara utilizes her eyes, ears, voice, heart, hands and even knees and feet to create a session that addresses the whole person, ensuring every massage is dynamic, effective and satisfying.

Mind/Body Balance

Sara stays active with bicycling, strength training, dancing and paddleboarding. She relaxes with gardening, playing her ukulele, quality time with her husband and kitty cuddles.

Favorite Treatment

Sara loves massage sessions that have a goal in mind. Whether you seek improved range of motion, decreased pain or firm relaxation, she’ll find the right approach.

Massage Therapist since





Monday 9AM – 6PM
Tuesday 11AM – 7PM
Saturday 2 – 6PM
Sunday 9AM – 4PM