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Anna Stern

Licensed Esthetician

Anna has been working as an esthetician since 2021. The importance of skincare and skin health has always been prevalent in her life as skin cancer runs in her family.  Anna has since developed a deep love for skincare resulting in wanting to help educate others on the importance of taking care of their skin and helping clients improve their self love. She aims to cater the best treatment to your skin while in a relaxing environment.


Anna strives for every client to feel confident in their own skin by the end of each session. She believes you should love your skin as much as you love yourself.  

Mind/Body Balance

Live your life to the fullest extent, make every moment count. Life is too short to not enjoy every second of it.

Favorite Treatment

Anna’s favorite service is the Geneo™ Customized Advanced Facial. This elevated facial has no downtime while providing a medical grade treatment. This service provides a natural oxygenation and exfoliation process, while the ultrasound helps to deeply infuse serum into the epidermis. The Geneo™ is great for all skin types and concerns and customizable to what your skin needs.


Monday 10AM - 7PM
Tuesday 10AM - 7PM
Wednesday 2:30 - 8PM
Thursday 9AM - 2pm
Saturday 9AM - 6PM