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Whitney Beller


I wholeheartedly care about the experience of individual and group Pilates, focusing on how each each corrective movement aids and assists client’s specific needs and goals. I am a classically trained and certified third generation Pilates instructor. Being a third generation pilates instructor means my formal training is directly linked to Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates. My training was led by renowned Pilates teacher Eva Font.

Through Classical Pilates, I aim to lead and support those wanting to discover and further develop overall fitness, while feeling safe and motivated. Teaching Pilates is my passion! I am constantly inspired by people’s willingness to share, trust and connect, because growth on every level is a gift.

When not teaching Pilates, I love spending time in the mountains with family. A fun fact about me is I likely know more about baseball than cooking!


Classically Trained and Certified Third Generation Pilates Instructor

Personal Trainer Since