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Yoga for Beginners: 6 Important Factors to Consider Before Your First Class

A group of women take one of the many amazing yoga classes in Kansas City

Are you looking for yoga classes in Kansas City? You may be glad to know that due to the nature of yoga and its adaptability to all levels of strength and flexibility, it is simple for anyone to jump in and get started. Many luxury health clubs such as Woodside have full offerings at all levels for those looking to join and start or continue yoga on their health journey. 

If you are thinking about joining the almost 40 million Americans who practice Yoga, let’s review some important factors you should consider prior to starting:



When you are searching for yoga classes in Kansas City, consider looking for gyms that provide diverse options. This will allow you to try a variety of classes and find the one or ones you feel bring you the right levels of exercise and meditation to meet your goals. 

Woodside’s Yoga Studio offers over 30 classes each week to accommodate all levels of experience and to meet schedule needs and style preferences. We offer classes like Yoga Foundations, where you can learn the basic poses; Restorative Yoga, which is more gentle with long, passive stretching; Hatha Yoga, linking movements with breathing; Power Vinyasa, maximizing range of motion, joint mobility, flexibility and endurance; and more. 

The types of yoga to choose from are numerous and finding the right one or ones for you can be interesting as well as beneficial to both your mind and body.



As a first time practitioner, it’s important to be comfortable with your instructor. This is one reason you may want to try out a few classes before deciding on one. You can arrive a few minutes before class begins to meet the instructor, the yogi, and ask any questions you may have. 

It’s always a good idea to let the instructor know it is your first time to try a yoga class. That way they will know to tell you any details you need to know or to explain some elements in more detail as the class progresses. The instructor also needs to know if you have any injuries or restrictions that could impact how you perform. The nice thing about yoga is that you can adapt poses in ways to meet your needs, and a professional yoga instructor will help you do so.



When dressing for yoga, comfort is the key. Most people wear clothes that are form-fitting and stretch easily like leggings. You may find that you prefer shorter pants, but you will want them to be secure and not move around. The best tops are also form-fitting like fitted tank top. Even well-fitting t-shirts will work fine, if they stay in place while you move. Most people practice yoga in bare feet, but if that is uncomfortable some people wear socks.



You will likely want to bring a water bottle to your session. Woodside members are encouraged to  bring their own yoga mat, but yoga mats are available in the Studio if needed. 

If you choose a high-end club like Woodside for your yoga practice, you will have all the amenities you need to prepare for or relax after class. There are showers and lockers, The Spa for rejuvenation or The Kitchen to eat afterward. 

Woman unrolling a blue yoga mat before class


Even though you will have a professional yoga instructor, yoga is personal. You are the one who knows what feels right for your body. It is excellent to challenge your body and to push yourself in your skills and poses, but you know when there is pain instead. Trust your judgment to know what is right for you. 

For one thing, there is no hurry to get into a particular pose. You may move into it more slowly than others, and that is fine. There may be other poses that you adapt into a simpler form and some that you do not feel you can do at all. You can rest in a basic pose such as Child’s Pose any time you need a break. 

Woodside’s highly accredited yoga teachers are required to reach 300 hours with Yoga Alliance and a minimum of two years of teaching experience is required for all Yoga classes in Kansas City, ensuring you receive the best instruction and experience possible. 



To begin with, most class etiquette begins with common sense. Think about what makes sense to keep the yoga space welcoming and calm. Store your cell phone in your locker or a daily locker while you’re in class, and if you have a smart watch, ensure its sound is turned off. 

Always arrive on time and have your mat ready when it is time for your session to begin. If you desire, you may even want to plan to arrive a few minutes early to stretch.

Space your mat far enough away from others to avoid moving into their space while you are moving from one pose to another. 

Also, remember it is very important to take part in the final part of the yoga session, savasana. This meditation posture is a pose of total relaxation and important for helping you to unwind after the session. 



If you are searching for a place to begin your yoga practice, let us give you a tour of Woodside today! We will gladly answer any questions you may have, show you around our beautifully remodeled luxury facility, as well introduce you to the many other amazing amenities that we have to offer. 

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