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Yoga Focus: Stress Management


Woodside Yoga is excited to offer Yoga for Stress Management, a 6-week course designed to help manage your stress based on the proven practices of yoga in a small group setting. This course is part of our new Yoga Focus series, which apply both physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of mind while finding strength within your body. 

Yoga for Stress Management was created in part by a large demand to find healthy, productive, and effective ways for people to cope with the great deal of stress that many of us experience in our day-to-day lives. Feelings of stress and anxiety, difficulty focusing, trouble sleeping, depression, unhealthy coping mechanisms and a general feeling of unwell are common in our society. 

Yoga has been shown to be a very effective tool in helping to manage stress. Some benefits of a mindful yoga practice can include: reduced stress and cortisol levels, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, reduced anxiety and muscle tension, sound sleep, better mood and overall sense of well-being, mental clarity, enhanced creativity, better decision-making ability, balanced nervous systems, and calm and peaceful mind. 

Throughout this 6-week course you will learn yoga poses that target specific areas of the body prone to stress. Simple breathing exercises will help you with focus and mental clarity. You’ll practice mindfulness and meditation techniques to help manage stress and worry, as well as deep relaxation techniques and lifestyle and dietary habits that provide stress relief. In addition, you’ll learn how to apply these proven techniques into your everyday life, thereby decreasing your stress and improving your overall well-being. 

Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. No prior experience is required to participate. Class size is limited to six students to ensure individual attention. 

Course details: 

Yoga for Stress Management with Lisa Murphy

Thursdays at 10:00am | Apr 2 – May 7

Cost: $150 per person for 6-week course

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