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Woodside Kitchen Salmon Bowl Recipe


olive oil–2 TBSP
wild caught salmon–4 oz. portion
cooked quinoa–1 cup
hand-chopped bacon–2 TBSP
pickled golden raisins–1 TBSP (plumped in a hot pickling liquid and cooled down. Best at least 2 days after)
oven roasted cauliflower florets–1/4 cup
toasted almond slices–2 TBSP
mustard vinaigrette–2 oz.
apple cider vinegar- ½ TBSP
Honey mustard- 1 TBSP
Extra virgin olive oil- 1 TBSP


  • fried egg–seasoned with salt and fresh black pepper
  • radishes–thinly sliced
  • micro greens–any variety that is available (check the farmer’s market)


  • Start by making the vinaigrette:
  • Add honey mustard and vinegar to a mixing bowl and whisk until combined.
  • Slowly add in the oil. Thin out with a touch of cold water


  • Heat a non-stick sauté pan to a medium high heat.
  • Let the pan get hot.
  • Add oil, bacon, quinoa, raisins, cauliflower, almonds, and salmon.
  • Gently “flake” the salmon and try to avoid shredding or breaking into small pieces.
  • Continue to sauté until all ingredients until heated through.
  • Add vinaigrette to hot pan and deglaze.
  • Remove from heat and place in bowl.
  • Meanwhile, fry the egg and season with salt and pepper.
  • Top with egg and garnish with sliced radishes and micro greens.

This dish is ideal for leftovers, almost any roasted veggies will work, and what a great way to utilize leftover quinoa or grains.

Click here to open a printable pdf.


Nick Janner

Woodside Executive Chef


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