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What Kind of Fit Are You?

There are literally a thousand ways to workout at Woodside, narrow down the list of over 120 classes and determine what classes best suit you and your fitness goals by taking the quiz below!

Keep track of your answers with the responses that fit your lifestyle – then check the answer key and discover the classes we think you’d enjoy. Have Fun!

I’m stuck inside on a rainy day, all I want to do is…

a. Stretch it out
b. Get out of the house – I have too much energy to sit inside
c. Laundry lifts and reps, these abs didn’t become washboard on their own
d. Sit and read a book, I’ll workout tomorrow

My ideal day at the gym looks like…

a. 15-minute stretch on the mat, 20 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of weights, stretch
b. Quick stretch, 30 minutes on the treadmill
c. It’s back and shoulder day, 3 rounds of circuits, finish up on the bike.
d. Stair steppers or the elliptical, I haven’t decided yet

I have the day off, what to do?!

a. Go to yoga, nothing better to start my day and refresh my mind
b. Take the dog to the park or go for a jog around the neighborhood
c. Hit the gym – there’s no such thing as a day off
d. Book a massage – it’s a mental health day ?

I’m stressed, _____________.

a. I need to reset with an hour on my mat
b. Nothing a few miles on these legs won’t fix
c. I’m determined to hit 10 reps at my max
d. I need to find a new hobby to get out of this mindset

What makes you feel most accomplished after your workout?

a. Mastering the art of the headstand
b. Logging more miles on the bike than the day before
c. So many squats, I can’t feel my legs
d. Dripping with sweat

Phew, that was easy. Now, which letter response did you find to be the most like you? Find your fitness level, sign up for these complimentary classes and enjoy your workout!


A. The True Yogi

Get your zen on in these mind-body balancing classes:

Hatha Flow | T.Th.F 8:30am | A methodically-paced flow class where postures are linked by breath and movement to develop flexibility, stamina, strength and relaxation. This blend allows practitioners to experience both physical and meditative benefits. Yoga experience recommended.
PiYO | Th 10:00am | PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean and incredibly defined. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.
Center Barre | (see schedule) | Whip your glutes, arms, legs, back, abs and shoulders into strong, lean shape – utilizing traditional & ballet movements and props. Tone and tighten with high reps and low weight.
Pilates Mat | (see schedule)| Use the fundamentals and principles of Pilates to work on strength, precision and flow of movement creating a strong core for control and balance. Want more? Try Power Pilates Mat | M 5:30pm
Meditation | W 12:00pm | Check in to check out, right in the middle of it all. Noon meditation is an experience of deep relaxation, breathing and mental fitness. You will be led through a full body scan, breathing exercises and then set free to enter the deep and integrative experience that is meditation. No experience necessary. Bring nothing but you.

B. Cardio Junkie

Embrace your love for cardio with these intense endurance classes:

Cycle Express | M.T.W.F. 5:45am/6:00am | This short-yet-tough class features intervals, uphill sprints and resistance work in just 45-minutes.
GRIT Cardio | (see schedule) | Designed to burn fat and rapidly improve athletic capability, this explosive class combines high-impact body weight exercises and uses no equipment.
Power Hour | (see schedule) | A 60-minute all terrain ride with varying degrees of intensity.
Intro to Cardio Tennis | W 6:00am | Intro to Cardio Tennis uses a mix of orange and green dot balls for advanced beginners to pre-intermediate level tennis players. This high energy fitness class combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise; delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie-burning aerobic workout.
CSI | M 8:30am | The time will fly by in this boot camp style, tabata-inspired class. Each timed interval includes cardiovascular work and strength training.

C. The Body Builder

Reach new heights with toning and strength training focused classes:

WWOD | T 6:30pm | Woodside’s Workout of the Day – and anything goes! Reap the benefits of this high-intensity metabolic conditioning workout through a combination of resistance and cardio drills.
Full Throttle | W 12:00pm | High-intensity timed cardio sports drills combined with strength drills using various training tools such as kettlebells, body bars, ropes, and much more, in this circuit-style bootcamp class.
BODYPUMP | M.W.F. 9:30am/M.Th. 6:00pm | This workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises (squats, presses, lifts and curls). Powerful music, trained instructors and your choice of weight help you to get results.
Small Group Training ($) | (see schedule) | Professionally developed high-intensity interval training program that provides intense strength training in a continuously evolving structure. SGT is designed to ensure continual progress through mixed variable programming that includes varying strength and movement qualities performed at high intensity.
Boxing Bootcamp | Th 8:30am/Sun 8:00am | Fight, dominate and terminate the fat cells in this boxing boot camp class!

D. The Starter Pack

Get a taste of all Woodside has to offer from the beginning:

Yoga Basics | M.W.F. 10:00am | This entry-level class provides detailed explanations on breathing, technique and alignment. Great for beginners or those who wish to review the basics. It is slowly paced and consists of functional movements revolving around understanding.
Strength Training 101 | T 10:30am | If you are deconditioned, new to strength training or nursing an injury this class may be for you. Learn how to properly and progressively execute strength training moves to tone and strengthen your body. All levels.
Intro to BODYPUMP | First Sat of the month 11:00am | This class is an introductory class for participants who are new to BODYPUMP. During this 15-minute class, the format will be explained, demonstrated and performance of the basics will be encouraged. Stay for the actual class immediately following the demo.
Cycle Express | (see schedule) | Set your baseline low, but get ready to sweat! This short cycle class will take you through intervals, uphill sprints and resistance work to help you get it done in 45-minutes.
Slow Burn | W 10:30am | Steady, fat-burning work performed at a manageable pace. Includes 20 minute low impact movements (Zumba Gold, low-impact aerobics or low-impact cardio), 20 minute interval and strength training and 20 minute balance work, core conditioning and stretching. May use balls, bands or dumb bells.

Check the calendar – and schedule to sweat!

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