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Training Professional Athletes Through Injuries

NFL Cheerleaders look young, energetic, healthy and fit. But the reality is that like many professional athletes, there are underlying injuries and issues that can not only cut careers short, but lead to life-long health problems.

The Chiefs Cheerleaders organization is committed to training these athletes for performance and endurance in the safest way possible. Woodside Personal Trainers utilizes sport-specific training and individualized programming to corrects issues and prevent injuries.

2017 Kansas City Chiefs Cheer Auditions Behind the Scenes

Here are some success stories of athletes trained for the 2016 NFL season:

In 2016, Rookie K.H. made the team with a torn ACL, MCL and Meniscus and worked through weeks of strength programs to help her successfully endure reconstructive surgery. Her program focused on strength and mobility and produced amazing results.

High kicks and long periods of standing can create or aggravate hip issues. Cheerleader A.M. overcame serious hip injuries through targeted programming by Woodside Personal Trainers. She lost 4% body fat and developed a 4-pack as a bonus.

Poor alignment led to compensations with K.N., which eventually led to severe back pain. Her programming included training to target improper alignment and balance strengths, and allowed her to cheer pain-free by the start of the season.

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