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The Benefits of Rowing

Have you heard about Woodside’s newest class, The Row? All of the classes are taught on new TechnoGym SkillRow™ machines designed to train both power and cardio to give you an athlete level workout. We checked in with one of Woodside’s Group Fitness Instructors, Christian Duke to learn more about the benefits of rowing and what you can expect in class.
Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in your practice.
I grew up in Overland Park and went to the University of San Diego where I played soccer and fell in love with fitness. I was drafted by Sporting KC in 2012 and have played professional soccer in Kansas City for 8 years now. Over the years I have had many trainers and coaches who have taught me fun and efficient ways to improve my health and fitness and I carry that mindset to the Group Fitness classes I teach.  I always seek to create a competitive but fun environment where people are able to express themselves and improve their overall well-being — not only physically but also mentally. This will be my second year of teaching rowing-HIIT style classes and have enjoyed every second of working to help others achieve their goals and feel amazing.
How/when did you start incorporating rowing into your exercise routine?       
As my professional soccer career advanced, I started to have more joint pain and soreness. During off seasons we are provided workout programs that had a high volume of tempo and long distance runs to establish a solid base for when we return to preseason, but it took a toll on my joints. I started looking for something that provided a balance of low impact on my joints but still increase my heart rate and overall cardio. I took a rowing class and now I use the machine 4 times a week.
What are the benefits of rowing?
Rowing is a full body workout that utilizes 86% of your body’s muscle mass including your legs, core and arms, making it the one of the most efficient and effective full body workouts. However, it still remains low impact on your joints, because of that you can train at the highest intensity, all while maintaining the lowest impact on your body. This makes it easy to train often because your body can recover quickly.
Why should members start their day with THE ROW? 
With the low impact, full body workout that THE ROW provides, there’s no better way to start your day than on the rowing machine and the mat. You can make the most of your time and get a great workout in 45 minutes.
What is the format of THE ROW?
This is a circuit style rowing and HIIT class meaning you will rotate through the row machine to mat workouts on a timed basis for the perfect calorie burn.
Who should take your class?
Everyone! Rowing is meant for everybody who wants to move that body! We will meet you where you are and help you build endurance and stamina with every workout!
All members have access to this class with their membership. The Row is currently offered Mon, Wed + Fri at 5:15AM and Tuesday’s at 6PM in the Main Studio. Reserve your space 48 hours in advance via the Woodside app. View the full Group Fitness class schedule here.




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