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Table Thai Massage

The Spa at Woodside now offers a muscle-specific Table Thai Massage, available when booking with our Licensed Massage Therapist, Sara Johnston.

Discover the ancient art of Thai Massage, which traces its roots back over 2,500 years to India before finding its way to Thailand around the 5th century BCE. Over the centuries, Thai Massage evolved in Thailand and became an integral part of Thai culture and traditional medicine. What sets Thai massage apart is its unique combination of stretching, movement and precise pressure points. These techniques balance your body’s energy, soothe your nervous system, improve flexibility and boost your overall sense of well-being.

Table Thai Massage is a modern adaptation of the traditional practice. Instead of lying on a mat on the floor, at The Spa at Woodside, you will undress to your comfort and lie on a heated massage table beneath a cozy sheet and blanket. Our skilled Massage Therapist will perform Thai Massage through her hands, elbows, forearms, knees and feet to provide an exceptionally targeted, movement oriented, full-bodied massage.

Thai Massage is a great session for almost everyone looking to improve their overall sense of well-being and increase comfort in their own body. It is, however, particularly well-suited for athletes seeking to improve range of motion, power and endurance post-workout because it can help alleviate soreness and stiffness. It is also beneficial for addressing lingering, healed injuries, as well as relieving tightness in areas like the hips, lower back and shoulders.

With Table Thai Massage, you’ll begin by undressing to your comfort level, just as you would for any other style of massage. Your Massage Therapist, Sara, will utilize precise draping techniques to ensure your complete security and relaxation throughout the session. As seen in these photos, Sara will not only move your arms and legs, she will move and position your body into supine twists, chest openings and the best part, she will turn you from face down to face up without your aid! All you have to do is allow your body to release, relax and receive the work.


You have two options when booking with Sara:

  • Opt for a “Swedish Massage” for a relaxing and light-pressured experience that is not too challenging.
  • Opt for a “Deep Tissue Massage” if you have changes you’d like to work on or if you’re up for an enjoyably challenging session that includes targeted muscle work with deeper and more sustained stretching.

Regardless of your selection, Sara will listen to your body’s needs, feel your nervous system and tailor the massage to your specific needs.

At The Spa at Woodside, we are committed to providing you with the best in therapeutic massage and wellness. Book your massage with Sara today and discover the incredible benefits of this ancient practice in a modern setting. 


The Spa at Woodside is open Monday — Thursday 9AM — 8PM, Friday + Saturday 9AM —  6PM and Sunday 9AM —  4PM. To book a service stop by The Spa front desk, call 913.831.0043 or book online.

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