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Stability Training: Are You Getting the Most From Your Workout?

Woodside’s Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment identifies imbalances that can lead to instability and decreased performance.

Stability. It’s not exactly buzz-worthy in a world of trendy fitness terms, but it just might be the key to maximizing your workout.

Stability is the capability of an isolated motion to tolerate force without compensation. By maintaining control over a movement or position, your body – or a specific muscle group – increases strength and performance.

The opposite holds true as well. Strength training and athletic performance is limited by our weaknesses. But by building a foundation of stability within a body’s complex systems, we can increase the efficiency of our movements, resulting in more powerful performance, while decreasing compensation and opportunities for injury.

Woodside Personal Trainers use the Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment and protocols to identify asymmetries that outline potential weaknesses and can lead to instability.

For example, many people present one shoulder being higher than the other. There could be several causes for this, from asymmetry in the shoulders themselves to imbalances in the hips or trunk. Assessing and training for stability can correct these issues, leading to enhanced performance, more balanced posture and gait, and improved overall fitness.

All Woodside members receive a complimentary Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment as part of their membership. Contact [email protected] to schedule yours and start working out right. 

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