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Are You Ready to “Detox” for the New Year?

Are you ready to rid your body of all the not-so-healthy things you ate and drank over the holiday season? The truth is there is no quick fix to “detox” your body after some poor nutrition decisions. Your body does a great job of cleansing itself, but you can make some changes to help it along, and feel better too. 

A post-New-Year’s-Eve party hangover might have you reaching for a quick pick-me-up like a soda or even the old “hair of the dog” in the shape of a Bloody Mary or Mimosa.  A  much wiser choice would be water or green tea. Once you are properly hydrated, try a cold-pressed juice from the earthbar like a Total Greens or Liver Cleanse. 

To really cleanse your system, you’ll want to make long-term changes to your diet. Start today and commit to eating more whole vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. A high fiber diet with lots of variety (think different colored fruits and veggies) balanced with protein is an excellent way to keep your digestion on track, give you more energy, and keep you feeling healthy and well in the long run.

Exercise is, of course, key to feeling better right now and in the long term. Getting in a good sweat today can give you energy and feel great, but you have to make it a habit in order to see real results. 

Don’t just think about feeling better today, and don’t focus on half-hearted “resolutions.” Think about what you want to achieve this entire new year, and what kinds of habits you need to start building today to make it happen.  

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