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Pilates Reformer Testimonials

kansas city Pilates Reformer class Testimonials

We asked our Pilates Certified Trainers to find out how our members feel about the new Pilates Group Reformer programming. The consensus is clear, Woodside members LOVE the reformer.

“I enjoy my Pilates Reformer weekly session.  It is a break from my regular weight training workouts and yet I know I’m not slacking!  The Pilates moves seem to work muscles in a different way and I know Pilates has helped strengthen my core.  I highly recommend it.” – JoAnn A.

I love Pilates. What more can I say?” – Webb G.

“Pilates reformer classes strengthens my whole body. But the greatest effect has been an increase in core and back strength and improved posture.”  – Britta R.

“I remember being very intimidated by the reformer before my first class. As soon as I started, I fell in love with it! Pilates reformer is a fun way to switch up a normal routine and I can’t imagine a week without my session” – Maria T.

Want to get started or sign up for a Group Reformer Session? Check the Calendar for class times and sign up via MyWoodside!

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