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New Classes, Next Level Fitness



Woodside is bringing brand new resolution-crushing classes to the Woodside group fitness schedule starting in January. Whether you’re wanting to try something new or just need to up your fitness game, these classes are sure to get you pumped in 2017!

HIIT & Run
The first treadmill class offered at Woodside will challenge your cardiovascular endurance with various speed and incline levels and help you maximize calorie burning and strength with every stride.

Full Throttle
High-intensity timed cardio sports drills combined with strength drills using various training tools such as kettlebells, body bars, ropes, and more in this circuit-style bootcamp class.
Hard Core
A 30-minute workout focused on cutting edge abdominal, waist-whittling exercises!
Get whipped into shape using kettlebells, jump ropes, plyometric drills and more! Or stick around for WHIPPED!+ and add 45 minutes on the bike for a full 75 min fat-burning workout.
Cycle Barre
We’ve combined the cardio and strength of a cycling class and the flexibility and focus of a barre class to create this innovative and effective cross-training experience.
Slow Flow
A 90-minute flow class complete with breathing practice, strength-building poses, deep stretch and meditation. Intermediate to advance levels.
A challenging and dynamic power yoga flow class that incorporates mindful cardio movements. The room will be warm so be prepared to sweat!

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