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“If you are a sports guy, you should do it. If you enjoy bow hunting and host fight clubs in your barn, you should do it. If you are a professional wrestler who attaches vipers to missiles and straps your missile-vipers to monster trucks and drives them through alligator-infested swamps, you should do it.” 

-From GQ “A Man’s Guide To Getting a Facial

This month is men’s health awareness month, and taking care of your skin is a big part of that. Using sunscreen is obviously top priority, as well as other skin-cancer prevention methods. But putting your best face forward has a lot of benefits as well. From preventing wrinkles, acne and skin damage to managing razor burn and dry patches, the right products and treatment can help make sure you are looking, and feeling your best. 

Book your men’s facial at The Spa this month, and give your skin the treatment it deserves. We promise, you’ll be hooked. 

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