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What to Expect in Your First Pilates Reformer Session

Pilates Reformer training utilizes highly-targeted exercises in conjunction with specific equipment to build core strength and stability with little to no impact. The benefits of this type of specialized training are tremendous, but the reformer itself can be intimidating.

During your first session, your Pilates Trainer (a Woodside Personal Trainer, who also holds certification in Stott Pilates) will get an understanding of your goals, introduce you to the reformer, and give you an overview of Pilates programming. You’ll be coached every step of the way to ensure you are doing the exercises safely and effectively.

With more than 500 completely modifiable exercises, no two sessions will be the same, and your trainer will continue to work to develop the most effective programming for your needs. Pilates Small Group Reformer sessions are available for those looking to supplement private sessions with this option. Either option will offer you individualized attention and professional support.

Your first class is your first step to increasing your flexibility, strengthening your body, and building your core. Whatever your goal, let our professional Pilates trainers take you there. Contact Lead Trainer and Pilates Trainer Kerstin Robertson for details on current offerings and packages for new clients.

Woodside Pilates Reformer training takes place in our Pilates Studio by a Woodside Personal Trainer and certified Pilates instructor. Similar to Personal Training, Pilates offers goal-specific training that is based on your personal body metrics and fitness goals, catered to your schedule and other needs. The Pilates Reformer is a specialized machine used for strength training and toning, injury rehabilitation, weight loss, range of motion and mobility development, sports-specific training, and other highly targeted exercises.

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