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Detox. De-stress. Try Our Exclusive Detox Body Wrap

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Winter is becoming a distant memory, and spring is here to stay! Its time to energize your spirit, freshen up your skin and rejuvenate your body! The Spa offers a variety of body treatments that will help bring your body back into balance with therapies like the Detox Body Wrap.

This exclusive treatment is designed to withdraw accumulated toxin due to stress, poor nutrition or lack of exercise. Its easy to indulge in habits that are not so favorable for our bodies over the winter months, so why not get a jump start to the season of sandals, shorts and sunshine with a purifying preparation therapy your skin has been craving! 

The Spa recommends you starts with a trip to the sauna and shower to be cleansed of all top surface toxins and warm your skin to begin your experience. This is not a necessary step, but is recommended for maximum benefits. A gloved exfoliation begins the therapy that gets rid of dull skin cells and brightens the complexion. The exfoliation step is important because it improves product penetration and treatment results to prolong the benefits. 

The next step is the massage and application of essential oils into the skin. This allows the pores to absorb the natural essences in the oils that help draw out toxins and purify the body. The stimulating aroma of the botanical substances instantly soothes, enlivens and elevates your mind and body balance. A cocoon heated wrap is applied to the body, to withdraw deeply accumulated toxins adding to the tranquility of this sensory experience.

This one hour treatment is exclusive to the Woodside Spa and is highly recommended for a complete and total purification of your body during this warm weather transition. This detox therapy can work for up to one week after application. Feel the spring breeze and energize your body for the best season of wellness yet! 

Stop by The Spa or call 913.831.0043 for more details or to schedule an appointment today. 

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