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3 Tips for Healthy Habits

Rent Your Own Locker:

This creates a constant reminder and takes away the excuse of “I don’t have workout clothes with me today.” Make the most of it by stocking your locker every Monday with an entire week’s worth of clothing, socks, shoes and a toiletry kit. Knowing that you have everything you need right here can eliminate excuses and help ensure that you’re here for your training session, group fitness class or personal workout routine. When you take your clothes home to wash on Friday or Saturday, you’ll have a big sweaty pile of reminders of the great work you did that week. 

Schedule Your Workout in Advance:

And we mean schedule. As in make an appointment in your calendar. When you see it among your other appointments, you’ll be reminded that your health and fitness is just as important as your other responsibilities. It’s also a great way to create a regular habit of working out. But be realistic – only schedule when you know you can make it. Scheduling more than you can legitimately handle is setting yourself up for failure. If you aren’t sure, start with two solid dates per week, and once you’re dedicated to those, challenge yourself to 3-4 per week. 

Plan Your Meals:

Yep, you’ve heard this one before. Nutrition plays a huge role in the success (or failure) of your fitness plan. If you’ve tried to do this before and it just doesn’t fit your schedule, you may need to enlist some help. Try to plan out and prepare for 25 – 50% of your own meals and consider purchasing pre-made or partially-made meals to supplement the rest. Sign up for a healthy meal delivery program or check out your local grocery store for prepped vegetables and prepared proteins, or grab a ready-made meal, snack or smoothie after a workout at The Kitchen and Earthbar.

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