Hannah Tompoles


My passion for fitness began with my own transformation and significant weight loss. I’m here to tell you, whatever your goals, it’s possible! I love seeing people find joy in movement and self-discovery. What can your body do? While my greatest interest lies in traditional strength training. I have come to adopt the idea that “strong” means something to everyone. The best part? It’s all up to you! I’m here to help you craft your journey.

I am new to Kansas City and am excited to enjoy the good food, drinks, and fun it has to offer. Whether on foot, by car or paddling a kayak, I am an explorer at heart. I am most at home in front of live music, as the arts have always been a part of my life. Just as you can create on canvas, you can create here at Woodside. Join me!


American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Since