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Workout with a Trainer: Ryan Hulse

Feeling like you have run out of ideas for new workouts? Want to start working out again but don’t know where to start? Figuring out what to do during your workout can be just as hard as changing your routine to include one. Below, we share some of Woodside’s Personal Trainer Ryan Hulse’s favorite workouts that can help you take charge of your fitness in 2020.
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Single Leg Split Squat

Muscles Worked: All lower body muscles

Benefits: This exercise will challenge your balance and strengthen your Lateral Oblique Subsystem. All lower body musculature are on working in this exercise. With consistency, unilateral exercise will lend great benefit in creating symmetry in strength and motion. Runners will benefit greatly from this!

I like this workout because it’s a unilateral exercise. This helps identify asymmetries and works to eliminate them.


Prone DB Tricep Extension

Muscles Worked: Tricep

Benefits: This excercise safely challenges scapular retraction/depression in an isometric position. The long head of the tricep muscle group maintains an isometric position while the medial and lateral heads actively extend the elbow. This is a simple triceps exercise, but challenging to maintain the isometric pieces while fighting gravity.

I like this one because it virtually takes the spine out of the equation, minimizing any potential risk for spinal compensation.


Supine Tabletop Crunch

Muscles Worked: Abs

Benefits: The triple flexion of the hip, knee & ankle (the tabletop) really isolates the abs in this exercise. The challenge is maintaining control of your hip width or triple flexion to really hone in on the abs.

I like this one because it really isolates the abdominal sheath. Not only are you fighting gravity to flex your spine, but the addition of holding weight makes it more challenging.

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