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Working Out Right | Glute Machine

As a comprehensive health club, we want to ensure you are optimizing your time here at Woodside. In order to achieve your fitness goal and prevent injury, Woodside Lead Personal Trainer, Dylan Schoening, explains how to use equipment properly so you can start working out right.

“The goal is not to lift as much weight as you can. The goal is to target specific muscles and use them precisely and consistently in order to strengthen, tone and shape.”



“The Hoist glute machine is deceptively simple. While it may appear that the goal is to extend the leg and lift the weight, the real goal is to strengthen and shape the glute. The best way to achieve this is to keep the knee perpendicular to the ground at a 90 degree angle and keep the hips centered and completely stabilized. Then, working to use the glute, extend the leg while retaining the stability in the hips. You’ll find this is much more challenging, as it is directly targeting the glute muscles, while also working the core, which is working to keep the hips stabilized. You’ll see better, faster results, with potentially less weight.”

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