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Woodside Kitchen Fall Grab ‘N’ Go

Woodside Kitchen is always rolling out new options to fuel your active lifestyle. Here’s a look at what we’ve added to the Fall Grab ‘N’ Go offerings.

Fuel: lemon thyme chicken, egg, spinach, dried cranberries, toasted cashews, garbanzo beans, green goddess dressing

Noodle: cavatappi, roasted cauliflower, chicken breast, pesto

Vegan Noodle: cavatappi, roasted cauliflower,  breaded tofu, pesto

Overnight Oats: rolled oats, carrots, almond milk, chia seeds, pecans, golden raisins, maple syrup

Salmon Caesar Salad: wild caught salmon, romaine, parmesan, sourdough croutons

Salmon Spinach Salad: wild caught salmon, spinach, beets, almonds, feta, creamy balsamic

Simple: chicken breast, strawberries, almonds, HOPE hummus

Steak Salad: grass fed beef, romaine hearts, tomato, bleu crumbles, red onion, sourdough croutons, walnut vinaigrette

Supper: chicken breast, basmati rice, roasted veggies

Winter Snack: roasted cauliflower, turkey breast, almonds, sweet potato

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